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   Chapter 128 Is It Shameful

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6474

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"Boss, she seems to have a companion." Sitting in the dining room, Tim Chu saw his assistant rushing to him in a hurry.

"Don't panic. Sit down and talk for me." "I'm going to the bathroom to make a phone call. I'll leave the task of contacting to you now. " He didn't expect her to be so cunning. It seemed that he underestimated his enemy.

"Yes, boss. No problem." Then the assistant in black sat down by the window.

Bella went upstairs to the restaurant by the elevator nervously and received a call from the mysterious man.

"Hello? Have you arrived? " Bella picked up the phone anxiously. Was there something wrong?

"I have something urgent to deal with. You go to the dining room to meet my assistant. He will tell you the truth." His voice was still so distinct and full of energy.

"Okay." She didn't know what this change meant.

After hanging up the phone, Diana Liang became nervous, "What's wrong?"

"He said he couldn't come here. His assistant is already inside." At the same time, Bella was not sure whether the man thought she was insincere or it was just a test.

She was in a mess, and all guesses appeared in her mind.

"It doesn't matter. Just play it by ear. They won't do anything to us. It's good for us in public. Don't trust him easily. " Diana Liang comforted her.

Bella took a deep breath and the elevator stopped at the door of the restaurant.

Entering the restaurant, she looked directly at the window and saw the man in black sitting by the window waving at them.

"How did he know us?" Diana Liang muttered.

"He already has my photos. He will definitely know me. Maybe he has even investigated all my friends. Besides, he said he was an assistant, which means they have a team. It's easy for them to know us. " Bella analyzed rationally.

"Oh, how could I forget?" Diana Liang had already lowered her vigilance to the person sitting by the window. After all, they were four p

t your whereabouts." Then she looked at Diana Liang, who was sitting opposite to him, and smiled, "your friend, Simon Xu helped her. She then realized that she really had a daughter, but she didn't know how to recognize you."

Raising her head, she looked at the man in front of her in surprise. "What did you say, [许云墨]?"

Feeling a little uncomfortable, Diana Liang lowered her head and slowly admitted, "Yes, it's him who indirectly helped her find you."

"Why?" Holding Diana Liang's wrist excitedly, she asked, "Why don't you tell me? It's not until now that you want to know my feelings. Do you want to see a woman who has been abandoned for a long time? Even if she has lost her memory, why didn't she come to see me when she knew my news? "

"Well, since that's the result, you can tell her that I don't want to see her anymore. Without her in my life, I have grown up. If it's not necessary, we'd better not meet each other. Anyway, we have no feelings for each other except for blood. " Bella stood up, took her bag and walked out of the restaurant resolutely.

Before Diana Liang could stop her, the assistant grabbed her wrist and shook head with a smile. "Miss Liang, you'd better not chase after her. It will only make her more sad. After all, you are an accomplice."

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