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   Chapter 124 Love Turning Bood Into Flowers

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Bella returned to the A country and continued to work. Because of Mason Ye, she decided to finish her work and study in advance.

Diana Liang didn't go to work and Bella didn't know where she had gone. Diana just told her client that she had an appointment with a client to talk about the design of a wedding dress.

Bella didn't ask her too much, just felt that she was very strange recently, as if avoid anyone.

As long as she devoted herself to her work, she wouldn't miss Mason Ye so much. In the daytime, they had agreed to talk on the phone at night or in the morning.

Knowing that Bella had come back, Jack Wen asked her to meet at a cafe near the company at noon.

Although she had a lot of questions, Bella still went to the appointment. Although she was very nervous at work because of her previous vacation.

"Bella, you are here." Seeing that Bella came in from the door, Jack Wen stood up from his seat.

She was wearing a milky white slim dress, with her hair tied in a bun casually, revealing her long swan neck, which was unusually eye-catching in the crowd.

She put down her bag and sat opposite him with a smile. "When did you arrive? Very early?" Noticing that he didn't look well, Bella guessed that there might be something wrong between him and Diana Liang.

"No, I just arrived a few minutes ago. What do you want to eat? I'm just a little hungry." He handed the menu to Bella and pushed the water in front of her.

"Then let's eat first. I'm hungry too. I'm so busy today. I didn't expect when I came back, there were a lot of tasks. I should have come back earlier. " Although she said so, the smile at the corners of her mouth showed her good mood.

Jack Wen didn't say anything. He looked at her quietly for a long time. After the waiter left, he asked indifferently, "I heard that you are back together?"

Bella looked up at him with a faint smile and said, "Yes."

He clenched his fists and smiled, "Congratulations. Three years is not easy."

"Thank you." She did

ont of her.

It was an ordinary notebook with a pure white cover and a dark brown cover.

"Open it." He fixed his eyes on Bella. Seeing the twinkle in her eyes just now, he knew that there was someone in her heart.

And that person, maybe she knew who that person was.

Bitterness spread to the bottom of her heart.

"She has never forgotten him. The dreams she made up when she was a young girl will all appear in her mind. If it weren't for Simon Xu's confession, perhaps she would never know how deep her love for this man is. " Jack Wen' warm smile made Bella feel sorry for him. In her eyes, this might be the gentle smile on her face, but the bottom of his heart seemed to be dripping blood.

She opened the notebook and found that it was all about Simon Xu, and the last date was half a year ago.

"But she didn't write it recently, which means she has let go of most of it. I think so." Bella didn't believe that Simon Xu was so good that even Diana Liang ignored such a good man as Jack Wen.

"Turn to the last page and have a look." He reminded.

Bella turned to the last sentence with doubt. When she saw the small words, she suddenly stopped.

"I can't forget you, just like she can't forget Simon Xu. So I feel sorry for myself as well as for her. "

The line was so small that it was hard to tell what it was.

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