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   Chapter 119 Vicious Mr. Mason

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6532

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Seeing Mason Ye walking into her office, Bella's heart sank. He didn't look well. Maybe he was in a bad mood. If she had a father who loved her so much, Mason Ye would definitely respect him. If they could sit down and have a chat, she could only feel that scene in her imagination, or in movies or TV series.

"There is a party tonight. Would you like to go with me?" Mason Ye poured her a cup of black tea and put it in her hand.

"But I don't want to go. I just came back. Four days is enough for everyone to gossip." Although she didn't care about other people's thoughts as much as before, she was going to leave a few days later. She might not be able to come back to see him for more than half a year. If she showed up at the party, it would cause a lot of rumors.

"Don't be afraid. You are the woman I like. There is nothing to be afraid of." He didn't know how to express his promise, but he didn't know that he wanted everyone to see his girlfriend. Anyway, he was willing to do so.

"But I..." She still didn't want to go. Three years had passed, but many things still existed.

"Have you forgotten what day it is today?" There was some melancholy in his eyes. He sat beside her indifferently and rubbed his hands inadvertently.

"What day?" She couldn't remember what festival it was today.

"Don't you check micro-blog?" He frowned and wondered why she had to remind him by herself.

"Okay!" It suddenly occurred to Bella that many people in her wechat moments were talking about today's special day. All the major APP were holding activities for this festival, such as roses, cosmetics, small gifts, etc. the promotion news was flying all over the place. She didn't feel anything about this festival at all.

Putting down the tea cup and holding his wrist, she smiled shyly, "Are you talking about 520?"

"Yes, I'm also 520."

"……" Bella blushed and leaned against his arm, acting like a spoiled child. "So, where are we go

s stupid to think that she would win the limelight tonight, and she had spent a lot of effort on all the equipment, but when she saw that Bella was wearing a pure white floor length dress and the off shoulder design revealed the beautiful butterfly bone, the slender Swan neck had always been something she did not have. It seemed that Bella was even taller than before in three years!

Why was this woman so lucky? It must be dog luck!

But she couldn't win!

"Miss Bai's dress is so beautiful, but is there anything wrong with your eyes today? Do you need to see a doctor? It's uncomfortable to look at me like this. Mr. Xu, I think you must be willing to do it. Why don't you notice that [白小姐]'s eyes are cramping? " There was a bit of coquetry and reproach in her words, but it didn't seem to be unreasonable at all. The two people who were mentioned were stunned.

How Simon Xu wished he could trample the eloquent girl to death. Wasn't she very honest before? But she still had to smile. "Thank you for your concern, Miss Su. I didn't expect that after three years, you have become more eloquent. Someone must have taught you. No wonder you're so obsessed with her. It's said that Miss Su is just like her name. The most popular man in the L city only loves you. Maybe she's good at it. "

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