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   Chapter 114 I Haven't Let Him Go Yet

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6753

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Shelley Yang knocked on the door. The moment she saw him, she saw the affection in his eyes. His ears were still red.

She had heard that after Bella came back from abroad, Mason Ye had become a considerate CEO. Therefore, she wanted to see what kind of person Bella had become now?

Why could she always get someone's love easily no matter what kind of person she had become, waiting for a long time. But some people, even if they looked through the autumn water, could not get him, even a faint perfunctory smile would not achieve.

In the past three years, Shelley Yang had tried to date a lot of boys, but no one could replace Mason Ye's position in her heart. So in the past three years, she had accompanied him to focus on his work. But all this was interrupted by the news that Bella had come back. He was very happy now.

Why was she so jealous when she saw him so happy.

Why did he draw such a heavy color in her life, but when facing her, he was as cold as a glacier.

Shelley Yang also wanted to wish him happiness, but why was this woman Bella? If this woman was his new girlfriend, the beauty he met on the street and fell in love with soon, she would bless him with a smile. But why was it Bella, the woman who used to be a little charming. Her eyes were big, but the corners of her mouth and brows were full of immature amorous feelings.

Now that she was back, what had happened to her? Why was Mason Ye so obsessed with her? Since then, he didn't go to work early. Lying in Bella's gentle countryside, he learned to be late and skip work. Although he was the boss, he had been a workaholic in the past three years, just like her.

She sat in the office, and her assistant brought her a cup of coffee. She sat quietly, waiting for Bella.

"What? You don't want me to see your girlfriend?" Shelley Yang smiled enchantingly, crossed her long legs, and sat on the brown sofa, winking at Mason Ye.

Without raising her head, Mason Ye said, "You can go back now. There's no problem with your wo

ne. " From a bystander's point of view, one could often see more thoroughly, so he was taken advantage of. But she liked the couple very much. On the day they came back, Simon Xu had told her how Mason Ye had lived in the past three years.

That's why she and Simon Xu agreed to have dinner in the same restaurant and create an opportunity for them to meet. Sure enough, when the people in love saw each other, all the defenses and misunderstandings in their hearts would be shattered.

"Okay, I know." There were five kinds of feelings in Katrina's heart. When they were together, they would be afraid of losing. It was because she felt the sweetness at the moment that she worried about the future. People were always so strange. If they were too happy, they would be uneasy.

It was because she knew how much Mason Ye cared about her and how much she relied on her that she felt more depressed.

"What about you? Why are you in such a hurry to go back?" Bella followed Diana Liang into the room. When she answered the phone, she could tell that there was something wrong with her voice.

Diana Liang glanced at her, turned around and poured her a glass of orange juice. Then she slowly leaned back on the sofa and said, "Simon Xu said he liked me."

Bella stared at her in surprise. It turned out that Diana Liang didn't forget him.

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