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   Chapter 108 He Was Afraid Of Losing

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6647

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After handing several bags of well matched clothes to Bella, Mason Ye went downstairs to prepare breakfast carefully. However, he found that he could do nothing but juice and sandwiches.

It turned out that he was not an omnipotent man.

"Ah!" he had sharp ears. When he was troubled in the kitchen, he heard a shout from upstairs.

He rushed upstairs and saw Bella sitting on the ground and rubbing her ankle.

"Don't move," he held her hand nervously. "Let me have a look. What's wrong?"

"I tried on the high-heeled shoes and sprained my ankle." She was so stupid. She has learnt worn high-heeled shoes, but she accidentally sprained her ankle, and her tears were spinning because of pain.

"Don't touch it with your hand. You can't move if you sprained your ankle. I'll take you to the hospital." He picked her up and walked out directly.

"I'm sorry to make you worried," said Bella, feeling guilty

"Silly girl, don't be silly. Let's go to the hospital. The most important thing is to let me rest assured." Why was this silly woman still so silly now?

With her arms around his neck, Bella felt that the whole world had become kind and lovely because of his reappearance.

In the past three years, she always thought of everything with him, short but unforgettable. Now that she was held by him, she had forgiven the unfriendliness of the whole world.

Mason Ye came to the hospital cautiously, afraid that the car might hurt her.

"Miss, we need to set bones later. Please bear it." The doctor checked her ankle and reminded her with sharp eyes after the mask.

Holding Bella's hand, Mason Ye nodded at the doctor.


The piercing pain came, and before she could scream, her mouth was blocked.

"……" Bella looked at Mason Ye, eyes wide open.

The doctor just looked at the couple indifferently. Handsome men and beautiful women bullied the average looking medical men who had no time to date!

Bella blushed, "The doctor is here."

"So wha

was difficult to match clothes. But she could buy shoes herself in two days. Anyway, she had the freedom to buy shoes. She could buy high heels when she went shopping with Diana Liang.

"Let's go to take a photo." He held Bella's hand, and the smile on his face suddenly became bright. Bella found that delighted Mason was so beautiful.

Stunned, Bella asked, "Why do you take pictures?"

"You'll know it tomorrow." He smiled mysteriously. This time, he couldn't give her chance to disappear. He had to use some way to make her unable to leave at once.

Bella didn't care about it. Why didn't she know the reason until tomorrow while taking photos today? However, thinking of taking photos, Bella found they had never taken photos together. There was not even a photo of him in the phone. When she missed him, she couldn't find any trace of him.

Only when two people were together would they be deeply worried that they would have to separate one day. Because they cherished each other and wanted to be together forever, they were particularly afraid of separation and imagining the scene after separation.

But at this moment, Bella suddenly worried that their separation might not be long. Therefore, she had to keep his traces and take a lot of photos, so that when she missed him, she wouldn't blur his face.

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