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   Chapter 106 Regret For The Past Three Years

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6424

Updated: 2020-05-03 00:14

The sun in summer was warm, but the morning sun was gentle and warm, like the sun in spring, comfortable and relaxed.

But Bella was not in the mood. She was tired. When the sun shone on the bed and she woke up in a daze, she felt that she might be crazy when what happened last night gradually enlarged in her mind!

Damn it! Oh my God! What happened?

Yesterday, she actually... She had agreed to have sex with Mason Ye!

Moreover, she seemed to be very crazy last night. She cried and screamed, and her bones were broken. At this moment, she felt ashamed.

"Are you awake?" He gently turned over and lay face to face with her.

Bella was startled. The moment she saw his face, she covered her face with the quilt.

No! She only had one underwear and nobody knew where they had gone.

She covered herself with the quilt and tried to keep a distance from him. When she woke up, she didn't know how to face it. Yesterday morning, she had thought of keeping a distance from him and going back to work abroad in two days. Now, it seemed to be beyond her expectation.

What on earth was this? An impulse? Or was she too irresponsible and lose control of herself.

She hadn't seen him for three years, and she was a little confused. When they met again, such a thing happened. She regretted and wanted to slap herself!

What should she do next? They hadn't seen each other for three years, and all the misunderstandings hadn't been solved yet. Was he still hating her?

"Are you shy?" He tried to pull back the quilt, but failed. He patted her head sourly, and his voice was full of affection.

"No." She tightened the quilt and said, "Can you go out first?" She made a muffled sound like a mosquito. She didn't dare to see his face. Maybe everything was just an illusion, and she has not prepared.

"No." He hid himself in the quilt and said, "Bella, you are my woman now. If you don't want to see me n

se of his words and his eyes. 'I don't care whether it's right or wrong to love her.

She hugged him subconsciously, but was stopped by him. "If you come closer, I can't guarantee whether you will have breakfast or not."

Bella suddenly understood. She pulled the quilt over her eyes and said, "Then get up quickly."

A wry smile cracked on his face. He wondered why he was so energetic after so many times last night!

When he came out of the bathroom, Bella had already wrapped herself up and pushed him out of the bedroom.

Looking at her shyness, he suddenly felt that all the pain he suffered for these years worth.

Mark Liang's call interrupted his silly smile.

"Hello?" Didn't Simon Xu tell Mark Liang not to call him at this time?

"Ahem, boss, I didn't want to interrupt you, but I really can't handle Lucy Bai.." He knew why Mason Ye hadn't shown up yet, so he weighed every word.

"You don't have to tell me anything about her. She will leave our company in a few days. Don't call me for business or personal affairs!" He interrupted Mark Liang directly. If it weren't for Lucy Bai, Bella wouldn't have left.

"Mason!" Lucy Bai suddenly grabbed the phone from Mark Liang's hand and said, "You can't be so heartless. We shouldn't have come to this!"

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