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   Chapter 105 Mason, I Love You

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6615

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"What do you think?" Then he took out a pack of tissue and handed it to her. "You're so ugly." Although he was humiliating her, he took out a piece of paper and gently wiped the corner of her eyes. His heart was very soft and affectionate.

Bella stared at him, as if he would disappear in the blink of an eye.

It turned out that as long as the person she cared about was in front of her, nothing were important any more. As long as she could stand in front of him and watch him, be old or young, as long as she could feel his breath and feel the sense of security from him, she would be the happiest.

"You..." There were thousands of words in her heart, but she didn't know where to start and what she wanted to say.

No matter how many people came and went on the street, they only saw each other in their eyes. One was red eyed, and the other was smiling. They just wanted to go to the end of the world.

When she calmed down and stopped crying, Mason Ye wiped her eyes with his fingers and said, "I really don't know why you women have so many tears. Shouldn't you be happy to see me? Or do you want to leave again? "

All of a sudden, Bella felt as if she had returned to the life three years ago, when he would piss her off as long as he wanted. But now she just wanted to hear more of his voice. As long as it was his voice, she could say anything at ease.

"What are you smirking about? I didn't go back, did I?" He put her hat on, gently held her hand and turned to the car.

He finally understood why Simon Xu changed today. The two of them came out for dinner in each car. In the past, when they had dinner, only one car was enough. After all, the traffic was so heavy that it was easy to get a car.

"Okay." At this moment, all her previous thoughts and plans were like bubbles, letting him lead her wherever he wanted to go.

"How could you be so cruel when you left that year?" He couldn't help but feel angry and tapped her forehead. The three yea

on as she opened her mouth, she found that her voice was so hoarse.

His eyes narrowed and contracted, and the next moment the dense kisses fell.

"No..." Her whole body was burning. She didn't know if it was because of his kiss, or because of his voice. Her cheeks, neck, shoulders are full of his kisses.

He gently lifted her shoulder belt and made her bow.

oh No!

"Bella, i..." His hot breath fell on her neck. She looked into the distance and saw the strange Mason

But somehow, Bella She didn't want to refuse anymore.

"Mason..." She put her hands on his shoulders shyly. Before she could say anything, she felt his whole body suddenly boiling.

He took off her clothes, and the dry firewood and fire were out of control.

She was like a stranded fish, nowhere to hide.

This time, she was sober and blank. At this moment, he felt sorry for her. He loved him and wanted to devour her. The woman he loved was in his arms.

The gloomy world in the past three years was swept away.

"Bella, I love you."

"Mason, I love you too."

She heard it clearly and cried bitterly.

For the first time, Bella accepted him willingly.

Perhaps, love can make everything that doesn't need to be explained, become things that don't need guidance, and don't need words. It was enough to love her.

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