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   Chapter 101 Three Years

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6947

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Bella gritted her teeth and replied with a smile, "Since you gave it to me, I'll take it."

"Don't contact him anymore!" She said coldly.

"Is he okay?" Bella asked in a trembling voice.

"At least he is better than you. You can't stay with him, okay?" Then Erin Chen hung up the phone.

She held the phone and slowly slid it down from her ear.

That's right. Her existence might not be a good thing.

But according to Erin Chen's words, it seemed that Mason Ye likes her. At least she wasn't a dress. The person who could cause him trouble was not an insignificant person.

Erin Chen could drive her away in person, Bella was happy instead. At least in her heart, Mason Chen still treated Mason Ye as her son.

That was enough. If she left, everyone could live a good life.

Sitting in the room and looking at the bedroom where they had lived, Bella smiled and then cried.

In just a short period of time, she tidied up her mood and makeup, dragging her suitcase and leaving the YM Garden. It was time for her grandma to wake up. She had to leave right away.

This time, she took a taxi to the hospital. Halfway through the car, she received a message. The incoming message from her bank card showed that there was three hundred thousand more in her account!

Huh! She leaned against the back seat and closed her eyes to hold back her tears. She couldn't refuse such humiliation. Erin Chen's words reminded her that when they returned to the village, everyone would surf the Internet now. Grandma couldn't stand it. She wanted to find a place that no one would know and let her grandma live a peaceful old age.

Now that she had taken the other's, she would leave completely.

The only thing she didn't want to leave was that she can't forget Mason Ye. All his merits were in her mind, including his voice, face and smile.

Bella really fell in love with him. However, she could not bring him happiness, but bring him more trouble.

Their meeting and separation were so unreasonable. Maybe they were destined to be separated by fate. Even when they me

all his attention was on Lucy Bai, and he didn't realize that he could be liked by this cold beauty. He had always thought that they were just friends.

As for the truth he knew later, it was a pity. Especially when the woman he had loved for so long turned out to be so disgusting.

Now that Bella was back, she would definitely know what had happened that year. It took Mason Ye a lot of time and effort to find out the truth. He just wanted to prove her innocence, but she was gone.

From a certain point of view, it was unworthy for Mason Ye. But later he realized that it was not worthwhile to love someone.

"Do you remember my cousin, Jack Wen?" When Diana Liang mentioned his name, she looked a little shy.

Bella also smiled. In the past three years, Jack Wen had been abroad and they often met. She didn't expect that after going through so many things, Jack Wen and Diana Liang were in love. She had let go of the knot in her heart in the past. Now Diana Liang and Jack Wen treated her like a little sister, and she lived happily abroad.

"Damn it!" Simon Xu suddenly slammed on the brake, which caused a burst of abuse from the people behind him!

"Drive carefully. Our lives are all in your hands!" Diana Liang patted him on the shoulder. It was really dangerous.

"Are you really with him?" Simon Xu looked back at her and asked, "Doesn't he like Bella?"

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