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   Chapter 98 An Ominous Premonition

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6683

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Mason Ye was in shock. It was the first time that he had heard Bella talk about that matter so calmly. In fact, he had blamed himself. For the girl he cared, liked and loved, such behavior would indeed hurt.

"Aside from that matter, you are kind and considerate. I can feel that you are not perfunctory for what you have done for me, whether it is to confuse the public media, the Ye Family, or in private. So I am very grateful to you for what you have done for me. "

Embarrassed, Bella lowered her voice and continued, "No matter what your purpose is, I think you are an interesting person at this moment."

"Interesting?" This evaluation was unexpected.

" When I get along with you, I find that you are also a normal man. You are not cold and ruthless, but a normal man with desires. You have your own difficulties and misfortunes, just like everyone else. The difference was that you stood at a different height from others. At least you didn't have to stay up all night for food and clothing, and you wouldn't be depressed for the rest of your life for buying a house. Your troubles and difficulties are beyond my imagination. " From the most basic and rational point of view, Bella's analysis was also told to herself. For the time being, they didn't care about the gap between them. Perhaps it would soon become their trouble.

This kind of woman was so strange to Mason Ye. He couldn't help but ask, "Is there really such a big difference between you and us?"

"Your mother, Erin Chen, knows best. Or, although your grandmother doesn't care about it now, she doesn't support us to get married, right?" She was surprisingly calm. It was such a reality that she knows naturally.

As the saying goes, 'A person who worries about himself is not a good thing'. But in this world, who don't worry?

Although Mason Ye didn't like to hear about Erin Chen, his grandma was not satisfied with Bella's family background indeed and called him to think about marriage carefully. So he didn't

a beauty in his arms, but he had to torture and suffer.

She put the breakfast on the table and avoided his plaintive eyes. "Let's eat, or I'll sleep on the sofa tonight, which will be better."

"No way!"

"……" What else could she do? She had regretted since last night. She had told him that she liked him so bluntly last afternoon. So when she returned home at night, he want to have sex with her.

Fortunately, he is no longer a reckless person. Bella doesn't know how many times he has taken a shower. Anyway, she is really sleepy and falls asleep directly. Anyway, if he dared to bully her without her consent, she would make trouble with him!

Although she couldn't win, she really couldn't accept it. In a short time, she had a shadow over that kind of thing. Although she has some common sense, once a man had sex, it would be difficult for him to control himself. But they had been getting along well these days. It was all her fault that she confessed her love to him yesterday, which made him a little nervous and think that she would accept him.

After breakfast, he drove her to the Yunfeng Group and then went back to his company.

As soon as she entered the company, she felt weird. Everyone looked at her with disdain. They looked back and pointed at her. They gathered together and whispered something.

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