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   Chapter 97 Do You Really Like It

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6606

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"You like spicy hot pot so much. Why don't you have one at home?"

"Click!" Bella just took a sip of soup, and the spoon fell into her bowl all of a sudden.

She raised her head to look at him, meeting his aggressive gaze. "It's too extravagant. Occasionally going out for a meal won't cause too much harm to your body, and it's also a way to relieve pressure."

"Pressure?" "What kind of pressure? There are too many pursuers. Do you feel bad when you can't get rid of me?"

"……" Her heart sank. It was easy to say something hurtful for him.

"Or do you want to choose a better husband? After all, he is also the son of a rich family, which is no worse than the Ye Family!" Mason Ye said slowly, stressing each syllable.

"Mason Ye, I've told you that she didn't accept my confession. Why are you so aggressive? I hope she can see your real face soon and go with me. No matter who she chooses, I won't attack her with words like you. " Bella's heart ached. Mason Ye didn't know how to cherish her, but said such an unpleasant thing. Jack Wen took back his bowl and chopsticks and stood up.

After eating the last rice noodles in her bowl, Bella licked her lips with satisfaction and wiped her mouth with a tissue.

This move made Mason squint eyes. Some kind of restraint and impulse had reached the limit!

"You guys talk first. I'm leaving now." Noticing the change in Mason Ye, she stood up first.

"Where are you going?" Mason Ye stood up too.

Jack Wen was about to stand up when he was pointed at by Mason Ye. "If you want to hear our lovers quarrel, come with us."

The others in the shop had been paying attention to the two handsome men. Were they competing for the beauties?

Sure enough, good-looking given by parents was still the most important thing. Many girls looked at the handsome man, blushed and their hearts beat fast. They whispered to each other.

"Come with me!" Anger was not enough to describe his feeling, but he couldn't lose

ven't forgotten her, I can understand how important a first love is in your heart, but... "

"So, do you really like me?" With a serious look, Mason Ye got close to her eyes, giving her no chance to escape. "Ask yourself, do you really like me when you're with me? Don't lie. I can understand. "

Yes, she almost forgot that he was good at reading people's minds.

"I To be honest, I don't know. " She said in a low voice, feeling his sternness. "But you are indeed different from I knew at the beginning. You used to I used to hate you, and even wanted to tear you up. " After all, it was his first time to meet someone who could take her virginity away without even seeing her face. There was no reason not to hate.

"Then what happened later?" He led her to answer, and that was what he wanted to hear the most.

"Later," looking at his serious eyes, she had a lot of unspeakable emotions in her heart, but her view of this person had really changed a lot. She looked into his eyes and said, "Then I thought you were not that bad. Whether you did that because of my smell or not, you really shouldn't be so impulsive. In the past two years, whenever I thought of that night, I couldn't fall asleep and felt sad for a long time. Every time a boy is expressing his love, I feel that I don't deserve him. "

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