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   Chapter 96 Someone Got Mad

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7113

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"……" She didn't expect that Jack Wen would know that she had eaten rice noodles here. At that time, she was a part-time worker. If she lived near the snack street in the city, she had to comfort her stomach and have a meal of rice noodles.

Although it felt good to be cared by someone, she couldn't be greedy. She was not good enough to respond to his tenderness and consideration. If it had been two years ago, and it had been better before, he would have taken the initiative and perhaps she would have surrendered. But now, she wouldn't be easily moved. People would change. No love would stay in the same place, and no one would remain the same.

Bella decided to pray that they would never meet again after this meal.

When Mason Ye returned to the YM Garden, he called someone to find out where Bella was and sat in the study, sulking.

After a while, the phone rang and he answered it casually.

"Where is she?" Where on earth would Bella go? The most important thing was that it seemed to be not peaceful recently. The news that many young women were missing or killed made people worried.

"Well, Mr. Mason, it's hard to say."

"Go straight to the point," said Mason Ye with a frown

"She's at the snack street in the center of the city. Jack Wen has been following her all the time. It seems that he's protecting her!" The person on the other end of the phone also wanted to get benefits. After all, she was Mr. Mason's girlfriend. If they didn't get along well with each other, everyone would have a hard time!

But he was wrong. The word he heard was only that "Jack Wen has been following her"! Although she had refused Jack Wen at that time, Mason didn't expect Bella to hook up with Jack Wen as soon as they went out! This bad woman was so arrogant. She was challenging his bottom line.

"Where are they?" He gritted his teeth and asked, "Tell me the specific location!"

"Mr. Mason, I'll send you the location. In fact, Miss Su is not... "

".." Before he could finish his words, he heard Mr. Mason hang up the phone.

The man who had been responsible for following Bella in the city center

The snack street outside was so crowded. How could someone park the car so suddenly.

She looked up and saw a familiar black car.

'Damn! It was Mason Ye who got out of the car.

But she calmed down soon. After all, it was too late for her to be worried since he had seen her. She had already known that he could come here directly. In that case, her panic would only make Mason Ye think that she was wrong to meet a man in private.

His eyes passed the window of the shop and looked straight at her, as if he was throwing her a knife.

Mason Ye walked straight to their table and said indifferently, "Cousin, you're here. Do you want to have a bowl of spicy hot pot? It's Bella's favorite."

Taking a look at Mason Ye, she lowered her head and put a piece of ribbon into her mouth. In fact, it might be better if she didn't say anything.

Mason Ye didn't say a word. He stared at Bella with his eyes full of majesty and scrutiny, as if she wanted to pierce a hole in her body.

"You don't have to be in such a hurry. Bella refused me, so we are just friends. But I will never admit that she is my sister-in-law. After all, before you get married, I will try my best. Let me remind you, Erin Chen has met rich and powerful women from all walks of life these two days. Don't you go home? " He had already known the basic situation of the Ye Family. It was easy to find out because they are relatives.

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