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   Chapter 94 The Confession Of Kelvin

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6567

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"Mason!" Lucy Bai didn't want to give up. She had put on a make-up today because she heard that they had come to the racecourse. Besides, she didn't like riding at that time. But today, in order to get alone with him, she had prepared herself. She didn't expect that he wouldn't even give her a look.

"What's the matter?" He glanced at her indifferently, "We have broken up. If you call me like this, Bella will be angry."




Everyone was stunned. They didn't know who was laughing and sprayed water from their mouths. It was so embarrassing.

Jack Wen was also stunned. Although he hadn't seen Mason Ye before, he had never seen her so shameless to say something like that.

"Well! Well, Excuse me. " Simon Xu looked at Lucy Bai with concern, "Lucy, let's sit there for a while. It's too hot here."

Diana Liang couldn't help laughing, with a bitter flash in his eyes. How could he still protect her at this time! Was she blind or was she mad that she couldn't forget this man.

For so many years, even if Lucy Bai was not considerate and would not remember his kindness, the person that Simon Xu liked secretly was still Lucy Bai. She thought that as long as she saw her true face, a man would not like her good.

However, Diana Liang found herself wrong. Love is blind and even unreasonable.

"Okay, let's go." Lucy Bai lowered her head and walked through the crowd to the rest area.

The distance between the racecourse and the golf course was not very far, but Lucy Bai felt that this familiar place now reminded her of something malicious. If she had been nicer to Mason Ye, she wouldn't have been like this.

Mason Ye stood still with a serious look on his face.

'Maybe he still likes me, 'thought Bella. After all, in many people's eyes, Lucy Bai was sexy and beautiful, and her perfect figure was outlined by the appropriate horse costume. Then she looked at herself. The cheap denim skirt and white T-shirt were ve

a, I like you." His voice was as gentle as the melted ice water, unusually cool in the hot summer.

"……" Bella was stunned and thought she had heard it wrong.

"Mason Ye and I are cousins. Her aunt is my mother, but we're not so close for many years. So we lied to you before. But I like you earlier than him. I began to pay attention to you when you were a freshman. I haven't confessed my love to you, just because I don't want to cause you any trouble. After all, I've heard that you didn't like to have a relationship when you were in college. Boys would cause you trouble. " He smiled bitterly. "So I was too simple and stupid at that time. I missed the opportunity to confess my love to you."

Bella took a step back. She really didn't expect that the handsome Jack Wen, the prince charming that many girls liked at school, would confess his love to her!

If she had heard it at school, she might have been very happy. After all, at many helpless moments, he had appeared by accident intentionally or unintentionally, making her life meet a rainbow. At that time, she must have been dreaming of being a boyfriend.

Later, Linda Su said that she liked Jack Wen very much, which made Bella give up this idea. At that time, she was so poor that she had no time to think about anything about love.

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