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   Chapter 93 A Good Show Is On

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6470

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"Oh my God, Simon Xu, are you serious? Your boss is overwhelmed by love." She patted on her shoulder and said, "Bella, it seems that I really want to take you away and let him bear the pain of missing you."

"How dare you!" When Mason Ye passed by Diana Liang, he said softly, "If you want to lose me, just do it."

"You..." Diana Liang stared at him angrily, "You are threatening me!"

"Do you want to ride a horse? Mason asked Bella. I'll take you to learn golf when we come back. They are so noisy now. "

"Okay, I like riding. I don't think golf is my dish. It's too high-end. " In fact, she wanted to say that she knew nothing about golf and felt that this game was very pretentious.

Coincidentally, two unexpected guests came when Mason was teaching Bella how to ride.

Lucy Bai and Jack Wen, one was the last thing that Mason Ye wanted to see, and the other was the last thing that Bella wanted to see.

Today, Jack Wen wore a light blue sportswear, long legs, clean hair, and a pair of divine eyes, like black amber.

His target was Bella.

Lucy Bai had cancelled the advertisement just to get close to Mason Ye. Recently, his behavior was too abnormal and too resolute, which made her believe that there was still a place in his heart. If she didn't give it a try, she might really have to watch them get married.

As soon as the news about Erin Chen was released, the internal strife in the Ye Family became more and more obvious. If Erin Chen could speed up, Mason Ye would definitely marry Bella.

Lucy Bai would never allow such a thing to happen, as long as she was sure that he still loved her, she will be the hostess of the Ye Family!

Lucy Bai walked across the golf course to the horse behind her and went straight to Mason. Diana Liang was amused. Why did this woman come here? Was she asking for trouble or being snubbed.

Simon Xu's eyes twinkled when he saw Lucy Bai. Something was always hu

ang, Bella smiled gratefully. The bitter light was too cruel to look at.

"Bella, today is a reunion of college students. Go and have a look. Your good friend Ivy Zhou may appear."

"Ivy?" "Will she come back? We haven't seen each other for a long time."

As far as Jack Wen knew, Ivy Zhou was her best friend in her life. Unfortunately, she went abroad to study when she was a freshman. Ivy Zhou was not in good health. She was receiving treatment while reading. So after so long, their contact was broken because of the distance between them and her body.

'who is Ivy Zhou?

Besides, couldn't this woman see that he was trapped here? He had said that she couldn't contact Jack Wen. She was provoking him openly!

"Well, I heard that she's getting better. Maybe she'll give you a surprise at the classmate reunion." Seeing her smile, Jack Wen knew that he had achieved at least half of his goal.

"But..." Soon, Bella lowered her head in disappointment. "I don't want to see my college classmate."

Mason Ye walked up to her and grabbed her wrist rudely. "What are you doing here? I'm taking her to a movie. Excuse me." What a bummer! He had planned to take her out to relax and get familiar with his friends. He didn't expect to meet so many people he didn't want to see.

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