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   Chapter 84 The Unworldly Gold

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Well, it turned out that she had been very despicable recently.

"Bella, don't think too much. I just think that his kindness is equal to our efforts. He has done so much for you. I am worried that you will feel a burden. I just miss home and want to go home to see my garden. " Grandma changed the subject and said something pleasant.

She knew that Bella was filial and would do anything for her. Now she was getting better. Bella had to bear all other things by herself. As an old woman, she could do nothing. It was better not to tell Bella than to make her sad.

However, as her grandma, there was one thing that she had to say.

"Bella, I don't think you are suitable for each other. Grandma has saved a lot of money these years. The house coupled with my savings, should be enough to pay for the medical fees. " The old house in her hometown was a very old courtyard house, which was left behind by her ancestors. Now it was regarded as cultural relics. If grandma sold them out, she would definitely be able to pay the medical fees. She didn't know it before, but later she heard from the doctor that the money paid by Bella's boyfriend was too much for her.

"Grandma, stop." Bella held her grandma's arm, tears streaming down her face. "Grandma, don't worry about me and him. He is really good to me. Besides, I've long planned to have a good relationship with him. Even if I can't get married, these things will be his belongings in the future. I'm still young, and with my ability, I can pay them back. "

"Bella..." Grandma wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Tears streamed down her smiling eyes. "Well, I know my Bella knows everything, but I really want to leave the hospital. It's too uncomfortable to stay in the hospital."

Bella's voice was like a stone stuffed in her throat, and she could not say anything. She just nodded hard. Grandma was right. It was time to grow up quickly.

Mason was kind-hearted and didn't want her to lose her self-control. Now that she had a big platform like Simon Xu's company, she might grow up more quickly.

"Okay, I promise grandma that I will take you out of th

seize it depends on you. "

When she was excited, a pair of big black eyes exuded an incomparably enthusiastic desire. She leaned forward and said, "Are you serious? What kind of development opportunity is it? "

Diana Liang suddenly realized that she might have thought too much. Obviously, she knew what was the most important thing, so she began to sympathize with Mason. The woman he liked didn't seem to be easy to control. Even if they had too many things to do, Mason had already fallen in love with her. She had her own thoughts, and the future of their relationship would be more difficult.

She calmed down. It was definitely not for any personal purpose to offer this opportunity. She clasped her hands and looked at her. "It's an opportunity to study and develop abroad, and at the same time, it's also my assistant. Your performance has surprised me these days. It seems that you have spent a lot of time and energy on your studies and skills at school, so do you want to study design and music in public funds? But the premise is that you must be my assistant in five years. "

Bella's heart skipped a beat. Her cheeks were a little red because of excitement. She clenched her hands nervously, "Public funds? Is it the company's Training Fund for me? "

How could such a good thing happen? But she believed in her. After all, it was obvious that she needed to choose between her career and the deal with Mason

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