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   Chapter 64 He Was Jealous Again

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6801

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Time was almost up. She went to see her grandma outside the ward. Grandma was lying quietly in the ward, and the nurses would check on her from time to time, hoping that she wouldn't have any mood swings.

She was too impatient. Maybe she should find out the secret by herself so that no one could have the chance and get hurt.

"Bella." Just as she was standing outside to check her grandma, a voice suddenly rang behind her.

"Shh!" Bella quickly squatted down to avoid being seen by her grandma.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I scare you?" In the white coat and gold rimmed glasses, Jack Wen looked like an unparalleled young man who was bathing in the spring breeze.

"My grandma has fallen asleep. Let's go downstairs." She was still worried about her grandma. If there was nothing special, how could she not want her to visit them often.

Jack Wen grabbed her at the top of the stairs. "Don't go downstairs. Linda Su is here. She seems to be asking about your grandmother's ward."

"What?" Linda Su dared to come and make trouble for them? Only she and her mother could do that.

"She has been inquiring about grandma's ward at the front desk. Fortunately, Mr. Mason arranged it in advance. Otherwise, the same thing will happen again." Jack Wen remembered clearly that what happened last time still made his heart flutter with fear. If things were more serious, Bella would be very sad since she was left alone.

Oh, No. She was not alone anymore. It was said that she was with Mason. They even attended a dinner party at the Ye Family. They looked like a perfect match. That day, he happened to see her dancing with Mason.

Jack Wen felt as if he had lost something. He clearly didn't get it, but he was even sadder than losing the most important thing. He felt regret for what he had done before. He was hesitating too much. After she had gone, he felt he was no longer qualified to stand by her.

The saddest thing was not that they loved each other, but that they didn't even seize the opportunity to start. They jus

o deal with.

"Where are you? I'll come to you." After parking the car, Mason gave Bella a call. He got angry at the thought that Jack Wen might be with her.

"I'm in the garden, somewhere near fountain."

When would this woman listen to his words and stay away from other men. But she was so eye-catching since she was a child that her first love could be left to him, so he was not so angry when he thought about it. It could be seen that she was not an easy-going woman to love.

Thinking of this, Mason was in a much better mood than before.

Dressed in a light blue denim shorts, Mason was especially eye-catching in the crowd. When Linda Su was walking out of the building, she saw Mason at the first sight.

She didn't find Bella's grandma in the hospital, but the extra surprise was great. Linda Su tidied her clothes, then she walked towards Mason with excitement. Although he never gave her a look, her love for Mason never waned. Even if he had said something unpleasant, she felt that it must be Bella who had said something unpleasant.

Women are blind. They always have a good impression on their loved ones.

"Hi!" seeing that he was going to corner, Linda Su rushed to him as fast as she could and greeted him.

Mason Ye turned around and glanced at her. 'it's Bella's sister again. Bella didn't lie to him. She is here!'.

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