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   Chapter 30 Take Advantage Of Me

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6679

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"What's wrong? Don't you like it? Then I'll make you another bowl. " Seeing him stunned, Bella thought he didn't like it, so she stood up and wanted to make a new one.

"No, thanks." He held her wrist and said, "It's good. Have a good rest after dinner."

She was surprised by how well behaved and gentle he was tonight. Bella was confused. She peeped at him and wondered if he was hurt by Erin Chen.

"What are you looking at? Am I better than the noodles? " Suddenly, Bella felt embarrassed when she saw his clear eyes. She lowered her head and gulped down the noodles.

"Of course the noodles are delicious." She finished her noodles in a hurry.

Mason said nothing, for he was used to the way Bella ate. As time went by, she became more and more pleasant to the eye.

Bella quickly finished her dishes and ran upstairs to her room. No matter what, there must be something unusual. She couldn't be too close to this man.

After that, she took a shower to relax.

When she went to bed and was about to sleep, someone knocked at the door. It was late. What else did he want to do?

Without even wearing shoes, Bella vigilantly asked through the door, "what's wrong?"

"Open the door first." He was discontented with the feeling of talking through the door.

Bella pouted, thinking himself as a big boss. She wouldn't have done that if his mother hadn't made fun of him. After all, she was the Ye Family's business. Although they didn't need to marry William for the time being, Mason didn't intend to let her go.

"We can talk about it tomorrow. I'm sleepy." She used to live in a corner and Mason wanted her to live next to her. Now, it seemed that the person did it on purpose.

"Open the door!" He knocked on the door impatiently. "I have something to tell you."

"Humph! I won't be tricked. It's late. What do you have to say! You are a wolf, but you still pretend to be innocent at this moment. No way! " He has taken away her virginity two times, which has already proved that everyone has a beast heart, and in fact, they have bad ideas when they see an indifferent person!

There was no noise outside, and she looked through the cat's eye, but she saw no one? Did he go back as he was told?

Then she went to bed again. No matter what, she could always sleep well. But if she stayed up late, she would get dark circles under her eyes.

"Click." a clear voice came to her ears.

Startled, Bella immediately opened her eyes and fumbled for the bedside lamp.

The more she touched him, the more nervous she became. Then there was a strange noise, and she was so frightened that she pulled up the quilt to cover her head and huddled up.

After a while, Bella was scared to death when she felt someone was holding her quilt. Was it a ghost here! How dare he touch my quilt? Is he a ghost of power? '?

"Let go of me." A voice came overhead and the quilt was dragged forcefully.

"What? "This voice sounds so familiar?

Bella lifted the quilt and saw a man standing in front of her, only in a white vest.

"What How... How did you come in! And you frightening me to death at night! " She grabbed the quilt and covered it around her chest. What happened that night flashed back in her mind. She was on the alert.

"Don't be panic. I won't bully you without your consent in the future. I j

ust couldn't fall asleep and was in a bad mood. After all, we slept together before. Why are you so nervous? " As she said so, Mason threw back the covers and pulled her into his arms. "Sleep."

"Mason!" Bella was completely irritated. "Don't go too far! You've bullied me for several times. Am I a pushover? "

"Shut up!" He just wanted to have a good sleep, but she was not honest at all.

Bella was totally pissed off now. She was sure that there was never a woman who had been "slept" by the man for the second time, and still listened to him. Until now, she didn't hurt him, and was still being fidgeted as a cushion!

Damn it! Was she that easy to be bullied?

She couldn't help crying. The more she thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt. She raised her foot and kicked at him!

"Ouch!" a scream came from the back. "HM..." suddenly, he released Bella and curled up.

Bella was stunned. She was just angry and wanted to teach him a lesson. Was it such a coincidence

As soon as the tears rolled to her cheeks, she stopped crying. She reached out to turn on the light and saw Mason holding himself, looking at her with a pair of horrible eyes.

"I I don't mean it. But this one No You can't blame me. You have a girlfriend yourself, but you want to sleep with me. Are you brainless or a playboy. I haven't dealt with the past things with you. Do you really think that I am an easy girl? It doesn't matter whether I am innocent or not, does it? " Bella mustered her courage to speak her mind. She did not want to continue the relationship with him.

Maybe only in this way could she have the freedom!

After a while, Mason pulled a long face, and beads of sweat began to form on his forehead. He got out of bed and ran towards the door!

"Bang!" The loud slam of the door made Bella stagger.

No big deal. She was just protecting herself justifiably. Even if she owed him money, she didn't want to lose herself.

She raised her eyebrows in displeasure. She didn't sleep well this evening.

When Bella woke up the next morning, she heard May knocking at the door.

"Miss Su, get up and have breakfast." May appeared at the door with a smile and a little confused.

"Okay, I know. But why are you looking at me in such a strange way? " Asked Bella, fiddling with her messy hair.

"Did you have a fight with Mr. Mason? He was not in a good mood today and went to work without eating breakfast." It was the first time that May had seen Mason wearing a grim face.

Bella knew it was because of what she had done to him yesterday. Perhaps, except for his mother Erin, no one dared to speak rudely to him.

"Don't worry. He is not hungry at all. Lucy Bai will bring him breakfast. Oh, No. I heard that Shelley Yang often brings breakfast to Mason. How could he be hungry? " She heard that when she went to the company.

"What How do you know? " May asked in surprise, "But Shelley Yang seemed to have left in anger yesterday. She heard that you were his girlfriend, so she may not come again."

what? There was one more thing like this. But it had nothing to do with her. After all, she was just an excuse for Lucy Bai to show up before him. She was just a toy played with by the Su and the Ye Family. If the Ye Family didn't need her anymore, she might be eaten by the whole Su Family.

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