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   Chapter 29 Tacit Agreement

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6752

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Bella turned back to look at Mason. At this moment, he looked unruly, but in fact, the trembling and sweat in his palms indicated his inner excitement and helplessness. Her finger was hurt by his grip, but she couldn't help sympathizing with this stubborn man.

At this moment, Mason needed to give the person who despised him the most powerful side of himself. Even though the person was his mother, there was no exception.

All these years of experience had made her understand Mason. They are similar in some way, but her heart ached. She used to feel sorry for herself, but now there was another person who was as heartbroken as she was.

Not until a warm hand covered the back of his hand did Mason realize that he had lost control of his emotions. He patted Bella's hands and said with a smile, "Sorry about that. Let's go back."

"Grandma, now that we have talked about it, we won't stay here for dinner." All of a sudden, Mason calmed himself down. He appeared to be calm and collected.

"……" She kept a straight face and looked very unhappy. But she could understand Mason. Ever since he was a child, he had been cold and distant, not liked by Erin Chen. As time went by, he gradually distanced himself from the busy George Ye. Only when he was with her would he treat her kindly and visit her from time to time.

"All right, you may go." Thinking of something, the old lady turned to Bella. "Bella, don't take what happened today to heart. Since Mason want to be with you, I am happy for you. Come and visit me often, not so many people around like today. "

Bella smiled and held her grandma's hand, "I know, grandma. I will come to see you next time. Today I didn't bring anything to grandma. It's my fault. "

Erin Chen couldn't stand it anymore. She turned around and went upstairs in a huff. George sighed and turned around to go outside.

"No need. Bella is so beautiful today. I'm sure I'm not mistaken." The old lady sighed, "I have no appetite, I feel a little tired. You can go back first."

"Have a good rest, grandma. I will come to see you another day." Mason gestured the housekeeper to come and said, "Take grandma to her room and prepare some light food for her later."

"Mason is a good child. Just go back," After saying that, she stood up and went back to her room. People would be very sad to see her old back.

She had to worry so many things everyday.

Coming out of the Ye Family, Mason didn't say a word, but gave others a cold shoulder.

Bella judiciously kept a distance from him, looking at the lights and pedestrians outside the window. Actually, it was not very late. When she passed by a snack stand, she couldn't resist the temptation any more. She didn't have anything for dinner and felt a little hungry.

"Want to eat something? I'll make some noodles for you later. " Said Mason.

Bella turned around and looked at him unhappily. But seeing him was a little unhappy, so she nodded and said, "okay."

"Let me have a rest." As he spoke, he lay down on her lap.

"……" She thought it was shoulder, lap was not a good idea. Bella frowned and pushed him away. She was not used to the feeling of being too intimate.

She should have pushed him. Instead, she was held around the waist by him and changed a comfortable posture. "Take a nap. Wake me up when we arrive."

"I..." She wanted to turn him

down. Didn't he see that?

She looked at him helplessly and decided to let it go for the sake of his injury.

What made her own mother hate her so much. At that time, Bella also asked whether she did anything wrong to make Rachel Yang look at her with a disgusted look. Later, Bella knew that it was not her mother, then she felt relieved.

But Mason was different. She was his mother who gave birth to him and raised him. Why did she act like this? Bella looked down at him, although he appeared to be glamorous, and everyone admired his status and money, many beauties were looking up at him, hoping to talk to him. In fact, he was just an ordinary person.

Unconsciously, Bella touched his hair and found that his hair was soft, which felt good, so she touched it more.

"Don't move! Are you playing with the cat? " Mason protested all of a sudden. No one had done this to her before. Her fingers went through his hair, carrying current that made him at a loss.

"Okay." Bella stuck out her tongue. That was indeed uncomfortable. She didn't like to be touched by others. Why did she want to try?.

Resting his head on her lap, Mason smiled and changed a comfortable position to close her eyes for rest.

When she went back to the YM Garden, she found that the light in the living room was on, but nobody was there. May didn't live here and those elder servants were fewer. Only May and the other nanny were here. 'doesn't he want me to be his nanny?' she thought!

No, she must find a job.

"Make some noodles. I'm hungry." Sitting at the dining table, Mason seemed to have something on his mind.

"I'm going to change my clothes. It's not convenient." She pointed at her dress and high heels.

"Yes." No one knew what Mason was thinking. When Bella went downstairs, she saw Mason staring blankly ahead.

Mason, however, looked like just a normal guy

Then, Bella took out the fresh noodles from the refrigerator and made two bowls of tomato and egg noodles.

Mason had been sitting quietly at the table, waiting for the dinner.

"The noodles are ready." Wearing an apron, Bella hadn't taken off her makeup yet, and a strand of hair slipped down from her ear, and her perfect side face attracted his attention.

Mason held her hand and pulled her to sit down. "Thank you." He knew that it was very late and she had to cook even though she hadn't eaten anything.

Bella looked back at him, not expecting him to say something like that, and the gap between them seemed to be not so deep.

"Just eat. The dishes won't taste good soon." Bella picked up the chopsticks and put all her attention on the noodles. She was so hungry.

Mason looked at the coriander in her bowl and said, "I don't like coriander."

"Em?" She liked coriander most, so she cut some and put it on the table. Since he didn't eat, Bella put the spoon in her bowl little by little.

Seeing her serious movement, Mason panicked. No one had ever had a meal with him like this before. She used to hate this kind of feeling when someone's chopsticks were put in her bowl. But now, she felt warm of home. A woman and a lamp, sitting in the kitchen and eating the most delicious noodles. What happened in the old house made him nervous and upset, but now he didn't care about anything. He only cared about the face in front of him and the quiet woman next to him.

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