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   Chapter 26 Awful Dad

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6950

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"Nothing. I just felt a little embarrassed. We are wearing the same dress!" She smiled gently, but in her heart, she wished that Bella could disappear in an instant.

When she came out of the film set, she was told that Mason was going to take Bella to his home tonight. She called Mason and got to know that this decision was made hasty. She hated him so much. At that time, she just wanted to act like a child and let Mason be good to her. But unexpectedly, he hung up the phone without saying anything.

Lucy Bai couldn't stand his coldness, so she put her phone aside and went back to work. After work, she realized that she had missed a chance to show up in the Ye Family at night.

However, when she came here just now, Mason said that Bella was just acting along with him, and she took the opportunity to say that she could do it too, but Mason refused!

Feeling the resentment in Lucy Bai's eyes, Bella walked up to her with a smile. The difference in height was obvious. Bella looked at the dress and said, "I see! You like this dress. Since the true girlfriend is here, I should leave you two alone. Mr. Mason, I haven't had dinner yet, so I won't come with you. But why didn't you let me know that the plan was changed? "

She was very proud that she finally got rid of them. After all, if Lucy Bai went to the party, Erin Chen might be very angry. After all, no one would see William Ye's wife. And that was what Mason wanted.

"No way!" He immediately pulled a long face and grabbed her wrist, showing no tenderness. "You have to go tonight!"

Upon hearing this, Lucy Bai stopped laughing. 'Did I bring disgrace on myself?

Originally, she wanted to go to the Ye family. Anyway, he just needed a girlfriend to piss his mother off. But now, he would rather choose a woman he had only known for a few days than refuse her!

"Mason..." Lucy Bai called out his name weakly. The hurt in her eyes made Mason feel sorry for her.

He turned back and grabbed Lucy's hand and comforted, "Lucy, she is from the Su family. I must take her to see Erin Chen, or..." He didn't finish his sentence, because Lucy must understand what he meant.

"What?" Lucy Bai looked up at Bella in surprise and the tears that just gushed out were gone. "You mean, she is William's..."

"……" He didn't mean that. He turned to Bella for explanation.

However, Bella sneered and looked at Lucy Bai coldly, "Exactly, I was supposed to be given to his brother by the Su Family, but your darling stopped me, but please don't misunderstand, I was just a useless gift." Although she said so, she was still a little angry when she heard Mason saying that.

But she quickly adjusted her state of mind. After all, this was a fact that nobody would doubt.

"Really?" But when she saw the way Mason looked at her, she was so jealous that she almost went mad. It was a woman's intuition.

"Well, I have to go now. It's too late. Lucy, I'll talk to you some time. " Looking at the delicate and touching Lucy, his heart softened. Although he had hated her in the past two years, it was obvious that he would not be cruel to her. After all, he once loved her. When she expressed her love to him, he would always be moved.

Seeing that, Bella turned around and got into the car, making up her mind to get out of this place in time before the fight began.

"I know. You go ahead with your work, Mason. There will be a classmate reunion in a few days. Let's go together. " Whil

e saying that, she took a glance at Bella, with a kind of provocation and warning.

Bella turned around and couldn't help complaining in her heart, 'stupid!

The car started. Bella decided to make something clear before she went to night home.

"Mason, I think we need to talk about something. I will pay you back the medical fee of my grandma and I will not go back to the Su Family. I won't agree the marriage with William Ye and ruin your happiness. I don't want to get involved no matter what you are fighting for. If you thing taking my grandma to the senior ward and I will thank you, so you can deprive my freedom of life, you are wrong! " She had been struggling with this matter these days. After knowing his identity and negotiate with him, she realized that she wouldn't get any benefits, but she had to fight for it.

She had to find a job before living on her own. More importantly, she must stay away from the Ye Family.

"I deprive you of your freedom? Do I need you to be grateful? " He said in an indifferent tone, turned his head closer to her face, and said in a soft and mischievous voice, "and, do you think that the Su Family will let you go after you leave the Ye Family?"

"You!" Bella didn't know what to say. The Su Family couldn't get in touch with her these days, so they might be desperate to know what has happen to her.

At this time, her phone rang.

It was an unfamiliar number. Mason glanced at it, pressed his lips and said nothing. She leaned back in an expression as if she had got all in control.

"Hello, who's that?" She didn't argue with him for the moment and answered the phone.

"Who's that? I'm your father!" A furious voice said. It was the first time that Kevin Su had been so mad at her. "Where have you been? If you don't come back, you won't be able to know anything about your mother! Do you know what you have done to the Su Family? The Ye Family has said that if you don't go and get engaged to William Ye, they will ask Linda to do it! Now your mother threatened me with her life. Can't you marry him for me? "

Bella listened to him calmly, and the anger and grievance in her eyes grew stronger.

"What's wrong with Ye Family? You can live an extravagant life and don't need to worry about for the rest of my life. You have seen my situation. I can't help you blatantly. When can you support yourself? You have to take care of grandma. " Kevin Su said with a sigh, as if he was considering for his daughter. "Bella, it's really not a bad thing. Why can't you agree?"

Bella looked out of the window, wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, and stubbornly looked up and laughed, "ha! Then why didn't you let Linda get engaged? Everyone in the world knows that she is your only daughter, don't they? It is her, not me. What's more, you said it was for my good. Why didn't you give her such a good thing? " Because of anger, she bit her lips hard to prevent others from hearing her choking voice.

"I Your mother didn't allow it, otherwise... " Kevin Su said with a sigh.

"She is not my mother!" She corrected him coldly!

"Kevin Su? What are you talking about? You are still planning on my daughter? If Bella this little bitch doesn't come back, she'll live in infamy! Don't you want to know some information about her mother? If you don't cooperate, she won't know anything! " The voice of Rachel Yang came. Obviously, she wanted to grab the phone and teach Bella a lesson.

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