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   Chapter 25 Just Like A Young Couple

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Bella, who just returned to the YM Garden, walked back and forth in her room. She cursed Mason as she went crazy!

"Why did he want her meet parents tonight? His plan was too hasty. Moreover, he was a psycho. He said something crazy. It was obvious that he was showing to somebody. What kind of girl did you hook up with? How dare you make fun of me? " The reason why Bella said so was that she heard the driver say that many women liked Mr. Mason and many women took the initiative to pursue him before.

May was working aside. Hearing what Bella said, she could not help snickering. She didn't know if Mr. Mason was destined to be with Bella. They looked like a couple when they were together. Unlike when he was with Lucy Bai, dull and spiritless, Mr. Mason was more affectionate when he was with Bella and wore a smile occasionally.

"Miss Su, I think you'd better apply a facial mask as soon as possible. There's no time for you to choose clothes later. You're going to visit the old house tonight, Mr. Mason must introduce you as the girlfriend. Mrs. Ye will oppose it. After all, you were supposed to be with William Ye. " May stopped abruptly and said, "I'm sorry that I have interrupted you. I have to go now. Anyway, a woman's face is a weapon. "

Seeing May running away, Bella was not only amused, but also thought what she said was reasonable.

His mother must hate her to death. The war between Mason and his mother must hurt Bella. Now that take the benefits of Mason, it was inevitable for all these things to happen. She just hoped that the plan of Mason could come to an end as soon as possible, and get rid of her as soon as possible.

She was obedient and applied a facial mask. When she finished, Mark Liang came to pick her up.

He drove directly to Mason's exclusive brand Osna. And this was found for Lucy Bai, but he broke up with her before told her. In the past two years, Osna had become an open brand store. Many of well-known rich young ladies often bought stuff there because of Mason

Recently, Markhad received an order from Mason that the Osna was half open to the outside world and only ultra members were allowed to enter the shop to buy things. Although Osna had a private shop, but was picky about the reception conditions.

Seeing Mason's expression, Mark Lang knew that he wanted to use Osna as exclusive brand. And this person was not Mason herself. After all, few people bought men's stuff, so this person was very likely to be Bella.

Even if it was not Bella, he had to get married and start his own business in a short time!

That was a later story, but Mark Liang had an intuition that the unpredictable Mason had been treating Bella differently recently.

"Miss Su, please choose your favorite clothes first. When you finish, I will ask the make-up artist to make your hair and makeup." He looked at his watch and said, "I'll ask Mr. Liu to pick you up two hours later."

"Two hours? Is it that long?" Hearing that she would stay here for two hours with her hair and face at the mercy of others, Bella felt bored.

"If everything goes well, this is

the shortest time we can get. That's the best makeup artist in the Ye Family. The time is shortest. " He was confused. Hadn't Bella ever worn make-up? But based on her skin and appearance, she indeed didn't need any makeup in her daily life.

She knew it would take a long time just to put on makeup. Forced love didn't last long. She couldn't figure out why his father had to be so hard on her mother and used Bella as a last resort. Was there any unspeakable secret between them?

Anyway, Bella didn't want to be taken advantage of. She didn't want to be changed because of her grandma.

Two hours later, Mr. Liu showed up in front of the door on time. He was surprised to see Bella come out.

"Su Miss Su? " Miss Su's makeup was much more stunning than last time. The eyes of Mr. Mason were so sharp. Bella was much more beautiful than Lucy Bai who always wore make-up.

Bella only saw the driver, but not Mason. She said indifferently, "Mr. Liu, are we going to see Mr. Mason first?"

"Yes. He asked me to drive you to your company first before going home," Mr. Liu nodded, daring not look directly into her eyes. He always felt that there was an unspeakable resemblance between Bella and Mason, who was solemn and stern in the company.

Bella said nothing. Didn't she fear of being discussed by them? If they told Lucy Bai that she dressed herself up to meet Mason, Lucy Bai would hate Bella even more.

It was none of her business. Anyway, it was Mr. Mason who didn't think about his girlfriend. If Bella cared too much, she would be criticized for being hypocritical. Anyway, she and Lucy wouldn't get along with each other.

After a short while, Bella arrived and Mason was waiting for her.

But she denied the idea soon because the person standing next to Mason was Lucy Bai. The dark green dress on Lucy Bai was exactly the same as the one on her.

Soon, Bella understood. As Mr. Mason's ex-girlfriend, it would be so easy to know where Bella went and even the clothes she was wearing today. But her reaction was ridiculous. 'I don't deserve you to do this. I am just an excuse for someone to use.'

All of a sudden, she felt jealous of Lucy Bai. She could have owned the man she loved, but she still chose this way. In fact, Mason still loved Lucy Bai, who just does not cherish their relationship in the past.

'Will my love be so pathetic?' thought Bella. She wondered if her Mr. right would cherish her in the future?

Seeing Bella get out of the car, Mason didn't move her eyes away. The dark green dress made her skin look fairer, and the pearl earrings were a good match. She was glowing now. Since Bella was very tall, she was even more mysterious than Lucy Bai.

The moment Lucy Bai saw Bella, she knew why the designer of Osna hesitated when hearing that she would wear the same dress as Bella's!

Lucy Bai grabbed Mason's arm tightly and forced him to look at her. He asked gently, "What's wrong?" But she couldn't tell his emotion.

Lucy Bai could always see love in his eyes when they were together before. But now, she couldn't make sure what was on his mind!

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