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   Chapter 24 Inexplicable Tenderness

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Mark Liang entered the office reluctantly and didn't bother to feel sorry for this woman. Every time he has to take the soup she made, didn't she feel apologetic?

"Did you have breakfast?" Mason stared at Mark Liang calmly.

But Mark Liang knew that he couldn't answer it honestly. Although Shelley Yang's soup was really delicious, it was not a permanent solution.

Everyone in the company knew that Shelley Yang's relentless pursuit of Mason. If it went on like this, Mark Liang would not dare to go to work.

"Mason..." Shelley Yang stared at him. "Won't you taste it?"

"Miss Yang, I'm hungry. Can I do it for Mr. Mason?" Mark Liang picked up the bowl and sat down on the chair. He couldn't let the beauty down.

Shelley Yang stamped her foot in anger, but she was not the kind of person who would give up easily. Now she was with him, she felt happy even though she was watching him working.

He opened the box and had the soup, which annoyed Mason. However, Mason couldn't do anything about him at this time.

At this moment, his phone rang.

Good timing! He answered the phone and said gently, "hello. What's up?"

Mark Liang raised his head and thought, 'who would call him at this time? If it were a woman, she would be frightened by the gentle Mason.'.

"Okay. I'll leave you alone." Upon hearing his reply, he realized that the woman wasn't smart enough. She should have told Mason that she wanted to meet him now.

As soon as Mason hung up the phone, a disappointing look flashed across his face.

"Who is it?" Shelley Yang didn't like he treat others in such a tender way. "Is she your new girlfriend? Why can't you be with me? Lucy Bai isn't for you. I don't think any woman in the entertainment circle deserve you! " She knew that the only person who had a relationship with Mason was the famous Lucy Bai.

It was said that Lucy Bai had sacrificed a lot for her career. She not only attended a lot of social activities but also went abroad to shoot. Pictures such as playing with another man on the beach shocked a lot of netizens.

"I..." When he was about to say something, he saw the phone lit up again and the word "Bella" made him smile.

"Hello, what's up?" A gentle voice was heard. Bella was so scared that she thought she might have made a mistake.

"What Are you okay? Why are you so gentle to me? It's so disgusting! " Then she rubbed the goose bumps on her body and continued, "Well, even if I want to cooperate with you, you can't restrict my freedom. Can't I go out and take a walk?"

"No way." Leaning against the chair, Mason asked casually, "Where do you want to go? You have to get my permission before you meet another man. "

Hearing this, Mark Liang was stunned, who was this? He had never heard such sweet words from Mason.

"Haven't you made an appointment to meet your parents in the afternoon? Mark Liang will take you to buy clothes. You don't need to prepare anything else. "

"By the way, remember to be a stunner. I don't like the smell of perfume. Your unique body scent is better."

"Honey, I'll wait for you." Then he smirked at his phone and hung up.


Liang was shocked. He organized all the information he got.

Mason had told him that Bella smelled good, but he didn't smell. He looked for Bella for two years. It was just because of the scent that he finally lost his virginity.

And every time Shelley Yang came, she gave off a strong smell of perfume. Mason hated strong perfume, but had a crush on Bella's natural scent. Obviously, he was telling Shelley Yang that he had a girlfriend.

'Wow, what a show!'! Besides, what Mark Liang wanted to know the most was whether Mason would take Bella to see his parents! His mother was about to lose her temper.

"Mason, what you just now was true?" Shelley Yang frowned and felt extremely sad. She had chased him for so long, and it turned out that he had a girlfriend. This was really a huge humiliation! Was it fun to bully people on purpose?

"Yes!" Mason looked into her eyes and said, "I just knew a few days ago that I liked her. I've told you long ago that I don't like you. I'm sure that woman like you will definitely find a more suitable one. But I like a challenging woman! " When he finished the last sentence, his smiling face made Shelley jealous.

"You! You did it on purpose, didn't you! I am so nice to you, how could you so ruthless! " Shelley Yang angrily pointed at him. "Who is she? I want to know what she looks like. What is challenging like!"

Mark Liang was worried about her so much. If she met Bella, she would definitely feel ashamed. After all, Bella was born to be a beauty. Bella did not need to wear luxury brands like her and very attractive just standing there. What's more, she had unique scent. She won!

But she had no weakness. She was not gentle at all, and was rude to Mason. Maybe this was the so-called challenge for him! This was going to be funny. Men were creatures with strong desire of conquest. It was true that they were not much interested in women who offered to come closer.

"Miss Yang, I'm sorry. I don't want her to be bullied." His words hurt her deeply.

Covering his face with one of his hands, Mark Liang thought 'Can't you be a little more tactful?'

"You!" Shelley Yang was trembling with anger. He had been perfunctory for a long time, but he had never been so ruthless like today!

She held back her tears and stamped her feet. Her high heels were going to break. She grabbed her bag, rushed out of the door and shouted angrily, "Mason, I hate you!"

"Why are you doing this?" Wiping his mouth with a napkin, Mark Liang said, "The soup is delicious. Show some mercy!"

"Shut up!" Mason pressed his temples and said, "Take her to shop. We'll go to the old house tonight."

Mason was relieved after Shelley Yang went away. But when Bella called, he changed the plan suddenly. Now he was regret.

Not daring to say anything more, Mark Liang stood up and took the meal box away. "The arrangement is ahead of schedule?" he asked

"Yes!" He said in a soft voice, "Go to make some preparations."

"Got it." Mark Liang knew that when Mason became serious, he couldn't joke with him or ask the questions that he doesn't want to answer. He was in a bad mood now.

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