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   Chapter 23 Tough Women

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6749

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Bella smiled, "Thank you. I didn't expect you to come back and work here? "

"Yes, I just came back from abroad. Why are you here? " He then looked at Mason, who hid his emotions well. Mason knew this man.

"Oh, I am here to visit my grandma. She is in hospital." What made Bella more embarrassed was that in everyone's eyes, she was the person who worked to make money during her break. How could she afford her grandma to live in such a place?

"Well, I won't bother you now. I will visit grandma when I have time." Jack Wen didn't say much. He waved at her politely. "You called me yesterday, right? Keep in touch"

"Okay." She turned to look at Jack Wen with a smile. In fact, he had always taken care of her at school. That was why Linda Su thought he liked her.

Mason stared at Bella watching obsessively in the direction the man left, his eyes full of rage. When they were chatting just now, they didn't take Mason serious. The key point was that Bella's eyes never left him. Was that person so important?

"Hey! Don't look at him anymore. He has already gone away! " Mason pushed the door open and walked into the ward.

Bella curled up her lips and followed suits.

"Bella, you are here! Let me have a look!" When grandma saw her granddaughter coming in with a handsome young man, she smiled from ear to ear, "Is this your boyfriend?"

"Grandma..." She turned to look at Mason, who was smiling faintly. "Yes, he is."

"Let me have a look, I know that you have a good eye. This is much better than Linda's boyfriend. Your mother framed you for seducing Linda's boyfriend but he was not good enough to you!" She felt awkward when she heard waht her grandma said.

"How's grandmother doing? Are you getting better?" Sitting beside her grandma's bed, Mason held her hand, looking gentle and graceful.

"Don't worry about me. You just need to look at me from time to time. The most important thing is to be nice to Bella. I'm fine." Looking Mason carefully, grandma was super happy.

Looking at him, Bella was in a daze. What would happen if she took her real boyfriend to visit grandma? But she didn't know that whether this would happen or not in her lifetime.

Her grandma seemed to be very satisfied with Mason, so she held his hand and chatted with him for a long time. She even told him to take good care of Bella until she felt tired and drove them out of the ward.

Bella was speechless. She knew her grandma was straight forward but mentioning marriage and having babies is out of Bella's expectation.

Bella left the hospital quickly. Although she had a headache, she was relieved as long as her grandma was safe. But she didn't dare to mention anything about her biological mother. Her grandma must hide the truth for some reasons. Besides, grandma must have heard her argument with the Su Family, so it was not proper to mention this.

After getting out of the hospital, Mason was in a good mood. When he found Bella was absent-minded, he walked up to her and asked, "What's wrong?"

Bella looked at him indifferently. "Thank you for taking me to see my grandma. Grandma seems to be very happy. But didn't you say that you had a meeting to attend? I can go back by myself. "

"You don't like me?" "But grandpa told me that she want to have a great-grandson."

"That would be none of your business. You must be careful

not let your honey misunderstood. Women are narrow-minded." She couldn't live on her own now, so she wouldn't have any fantasy about the romantic relationship. Besides, there were a lot of pretty girls around him. That was not she want.

"Then who do you want to be your son's father? The doctor?" Mason was interested in the doctor he had met in the corridor.

"Doctor?" Suddenly, Bella thought of Jack Wen. "You are talking about him. He is my senior, not my ex -boyfriend. What are you talking about? But you seem not so busy today. If there is nothing else, I will go back first. "

"Don't worry. You still have work to do later. Go to the company with me." He took Bella's hand and got on the car.

"Hello!" Before Bella could refuse, she was dragged into the car and driven to the company.

"Well, you don't want to go?" He suddenly got close to her face and kissed her on the lips.

Bella wiped the saliva from her face, glaring at him. "Stay away from me! Mason, are men all like this? Since you love Lucy Bai so much, I advise you not to mess around with other women! If it were not for my grandmother, do you think I would be at your disposal? "

Mason's face soured at her words. Never had he heard her speak so harshly. Speaking of Lucy Bai, he was confused and furious!

"Okay! You can go back. " He wore a cold face, totally different from his previous attitude.

"……" She didn't know what to do under such a circumstance.

"Get out!" He shouted coldly!

"Why do you get so angry?" When the car stopped, Bella quickly got off the car and slammed the door.

Bad girl! She was so obedient that the blood vessels on his forehead bulged. What an unruly woman. Even Lucy Bai didn't dare to speak to him like that.

However, since she had left, how could he go back and find her? He would never be the one to compromise!

At the same time, Bella stood by the roadside, feeling amused after the car galloped away. Although he was a CEO, she felt like he was a little childish.

Arriving at the company, Mason felt bad when he found Mr. Yang's daughter, Shelley Yang, was waiting for him.

Shelley Yang was the daughter of Marvin Yang, one of his important partners. So Shelley Yang couldn't be fooled. But he was terrified by the greedy look in her eyes.

At the resting area outside the president's office, a woman in a pink dress stood up excitedly, picked up a pot of soup and laughed, "Mr. Mason, you are finally here. I thought you wouldn't go to work today. The soup I made is still hot. By the way, I bought you the most delicious steam bud. "

When Mark Liang came out from the other side and saw the stern look on Mason's face, he couldn't help but turn around in a hurry. He didn't want to be asked by Mason to handle this situation!

"Mark Liang, come here!" At the first glance, Mason saw Mark Liang was about to leave. His voice was so cold that no one could tell what he was thinking about.

Shelley Yang held Mason's arm and smiled, "Why did you ask him to come here? I just want to be alone with you."

As they walked into the office arm in arm, Mason said indifferently, "I am not hungry. Give it to Mark Liang."

Shelley was angry. "I made the soup specially for you. You must have it. And you must have had breakfast a long time ago. You can take a rest by having some soup. It's light, not greasy. "

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