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   Chapter 22 Encounter With Old Friends In The Hospital

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Linda Su laughed complacently. "Shocked and angry, right? In the past few years, we have a lot of fun thanks to you."

"Then I will spare no effort to find more fun for you! I know nothing, but I know to be grateful. Let's wait and see! " Then Bella hung up the phone!

She would try her best to get back what the Su Family owed her. The more they are worse to her, the more she wanted to know who her real mother was. Why didn't the Su Family talk about this?

Half a minute later, Linda Su called her again. Originally, Bella didn't care about it. However, as the phone rang for five or six times, she was curious about what Linda Su was going to say?

"What else do you want to say?"

"Whose mistress are you? How can you be so confident?" Trying to suppress her anger, Linda smiled and said, "I have to tell you that you'd better marry a young and handsome man rather than be raised by an old man. William Ye would wake up soon. I heard from the Ye Family that he had signs of waking up soon. If I were you, I would wait for him to wake up. "

Bella was stunned. Although what she said was vicious, it sounded reasonable. It was better than being tortured by a vicious bitch like Mason. However, it was obvious that William Ye was no match to Mason. After all, the Ye Family's property was under Mason's control now, and she needed experts to treat her grandma. Since she were on board, how could she easily escape?

She had witnessed the sinister and cunning of Mason more than once!

"Well, it seems that my guess is right. You are a mistress to someone !" "Did Jack Wen contact you? Maybe you don't know that has been in love with you for three years. If he knows that you are kept by an old man, he must be very sad."

"What did you say?" "You mean he..."

"...!" Hunging up the phone, Linda Su satisfied at last.

Inexplicably, Bella looked at the phone and smiled bitterly. 'Does Jack like her?'? And he liked her for three years. How could that be possible? She remembered that Jack was one of the excellent students at the medical school. She heard that he went abroad for further study later. Did he come back? Even if it was true, she didn't like Jack at all.

Linda Su didn't want her man like another girl.

After washing, Mason came to her.

"Let's go to the hospital after breakfast." He reached out and took her hand.

Bella stepped back and asked him in doubt, "Why are you so kind?"

"Even if it is not out of kindness, it is a cooperation. As long as you cooperate with me, I will treat you well. " He put his hand in his pocket and turned to go downstairs.

Bella agreed with him. If it weren't for her, he wouldn't be so generous.

"By the way, tell grandma we were a couple. Otherwise, it would be difficult for us to handle ." Mason stopped and emphasized.

"……" Will that make things easier? And her grandma would definitely ask her when they would get married.

After the breakfast, Mason studied the dress Bella was wearing and ordered, "Put on that light blue dress."

Bella was displeased and thought that why he cared about what kind of clothes she wore?

"Do you want to go to the hospital to see the old people

in such short shorts?" Her shorts were so eye-catching that anyone would be attracted.

"But that blue one is too long. It's so hot in summer!" She knew that blue dress was made of thick fabric and looked like a lady in that dress. But she felt hot and that dress reached her feet.

"It's up to you. Be quick!" She picked up a tissue, wiped his mouth and turned to the second floor.

"What's wrong with you?" Bella complained impatiently

The girl snickered, "Miss Su, you have attractive legs and would draw men's attention. Mr. Mason doesn't want that happen."

"Ha ha." she had long legs. Was she wrong? "That is how your boss treats Lucy Bai. Her job requires her to wear bikini, and kiss. Does he want to break up with her?"

"Miss Su, keep your voice down." May looked upstairs nervously.

Besides, I have nothing to do with him. Why should he even care about me? " Bella had never seen such a straight man, "why does he not care about his girlfriend but me?" Thinking of that he wanted her to be his girlfriend, Bella felt that this man was unreasonable.

When Bella poked the egg with chopsticks while slandering in her heart, she heard a voice that sounded like from hell. "Are you finished?"

"What?" Bella was frightened to throw away the eggs and looked at him, dumbfounded.

May immediately lowered her head. It was none of her business. She reminded her several times, but she just kept saying it.

" Hurry up and get changed. I have a meeting to attend!" Before she could say anything, Mason walked out of the living room to get to the car.

Bella stood up and rushed upstairs to change her clothes as quickly as she could. As a man, he didn't have to care about anything.

Although she thought so, she obediently changed to a fresh white knee length skirt with the red embroidery on the chest, which was especially fresh and lovely.

Noticing that Bella was in a white dress, TMason focused her gaze on her for a few seconds. Then he drove the car slowly, as if he didn't want to talk to her.

Bella was wondering why the driver was not here. They were even more embarrassed sitting in the car!

"When can I get a job?" Even if she had to cooperate with him, she had to find a job to make money.

"Not this month." Mason turned around and looked at her. She looked calm, but there was a hint of youth on her face. Being twenty two years old was indeed the most beautiful moment for a girl.

"All right." Bella was reluctant to say any more, so they two were silent.

After arriving at the hospital, Bella picked some fruits that her grandma liked and went to the VIP caregiver.

But in the hallway, she saw a familiar man walking towards her. Bella lowered her head and walked behind Mason.

To her surprise, Jack Wen recognized her and shouted excitedly, "Bella?"

They both were stunned by the voice. Mason turned around and looked at the man in white, frowning.

Bella looked at Jack Wen and pretended to be surprised. "Jack? Why are you here? "

"It's you, really. I thought I was wrong. I haven't seen you for two years. You're getting more and more beautiful." Jack reached out his hand and gave her a warm smile.

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