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   Chapter 21 He Got Confused

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6846

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Thrilled, Lucy Bai wiped off her tears and grabbed Mason's hand. "Really? I still have a chance, right? " If she didn't fight for it now, he might really be with that woman!

She didn't understand it before, but now she finally knew that the Ye Family was the best choice for her. She had a good impression of Mason. Therefore, no matter what difficulties or hindrance she encountered, as long as she had time, she would fight for it.

Mason looked at her and nodded with a smile. After a few seconds, he reached out and touched her head, saying, "Okay, you can go now. We'll talk later."

"Then we can get in touch with each other at any time. Can I have a chat with you anytime I want?" Having gotten the answer she wanted, Lucy Bai was thrilled and stood up from the sofa.

"At any time. Now that you're back, if you need any help, just tell me." He knew that there were some problems with Lucy's career recently, but she hadn't mentioned it.

"Okay, I know." Lucy Bai was so happy that she finally got his consent.

After sending Lucy out, Mark Liang came to the office and sighed when he saw Mason lost in thought.

"Boss, this is for Miss Su. Do you still want to give it to her?" It seemed that Lucy Bai's plan worked. Mason changed his mind.

At that time, Bella, who had been suffering in Mason's home, had to ask May for help, so that she could get the sanitary napkin she usually wore.

She thought, 'Mason is really an asshole. She doesn't even been allowed to buy anything. Maybe in the future, she will be controlled by him.'.

At the moment, Bella was more concerned about her grandma's health condition and her family's response. But from last night, she couldn't get the news because her phone had been confiscated by Mason. Therefore, she could only stay at home and wait for Mason to come back.

In the evening, Mason came back with a strong smell of alcohol. When Bella saw him, she went downstairs from the second floor and tried to take her phone back.

"Why are you running so fast? Are you worried about me?" Noticing that Bella was wearing a white dress and looked as tender as a delicate flower, Mason felt that she was particularly charming.

Bella avoided his arm, lest he would lean her on the shoulder. "Can you give me the phone now?"

Staring at the palm of her hand, Mason took off her coat and took the cup that May handed to him. "No."

"Even if you don't give it to me, at least let me see my grandma!" She had been worried about her for the whole day and she couldn't trust Mason. To verify his promise, she wanted to see grandma.

"Don't worry. We can take her home tomorrow. It's late now. Go to bed early. " After saying that, he turned around and went upstairs. He walked unsteadily with the support of the stairs, not pretending to be drunk.

Bella had no choice but to wait.

"Knock, knock, knock!" Bella asked and knocked on his door. May told her that her cell phone was in his room and was locked, but she knew that she could find it in his room.

"Come in."

Bella opened the door and saw him in a bath towel. His body was perfect, with water drops dripping down from his hair to the ground.

"What Put on your clothes! " She turned around and stood at the door. She suddenly regretted asking him for her cell phone at this time.

"Don't worry, you've seen me naked before."

"You!" Bella turned around and glared at him. "Give me

the phone, now!"

"Stay with me tonight if you want, or you can't see your grandma tomorrow." He dried his hair casually and slowly approached her.

He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "Have you taken a shower?"

"Go away, show some respect." Somehow, Bella felt that she was in danger. She walked towards the door and said, "Never mind. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Where are we going?" Suddenly, her wrist was held. "Tomorrow is too late."

"Please show some respect. If something happens again like before, I won't forgive you!" Even if she had something to ask for, Bella didn't want to use her body.

The light in Mason's eyes dimmed. When he remembered what Lucy had said to him, his mind was in a mess. He waved his hand and said, "You can go back now. I'll give you my phone." He opened a drawer and handed Bella's cell phone to her.

Bella was a little surprised. Mason was easy to get along with today. She took the phone and ran out of the room.

When she went back to her room and turned on her cell phone, she saw a lot of missed calls and text messages. What was strange was that there was a strange number except Rachel Yang's and Kevin Su's. He even sent a message. She clicked it and found it was from Jack Wen?

"Bella, I got some information about you from Linda Su by accident. Are you okay? I'm Jack. Remember to reply. "

Jack Wen? It was a good-looking man with black and gentle eyes who was a close friend of Linda Su. She had already known that Linda Su liked Jack Wen, so what could he want by contacting her?

But she couldn't protect herself now, so she needed a friend's help. After all, they used to be familiar with each other. Thinking of this, Bella sent him a message.

"Hi, Jack." She thought it would be better not to ask for his help because she just got in touch with him. Besides, Bella didn't know what she want from him.

More friends mean more chances. She didn't know it before, but now, she really couldn't find a way out. It was not until now she understood this. It's better than starved to death on the street in the future.

She was very worried the whole day and finally calmed down.So, she fell asleep immediately.

Early in the morning, Bella's phone rang loudly. She was confused who was looking for her so early. He picked up the phone and found it was Linda Su.

"Bella, what the hell are you doing? Why didn't you call me when you are running away from home?" It was rare to see Linda Su so angry. It seemed that the Su Family was not peaceful last night.

Bella smiled. "It's early in the morning. I thought it was something important. If your mother hadn't forced me to marry a man in coma, I wouldn't have escaped. If I hadn't left, I would have been locked up in this room now. "

"You are the most suitable person. The Su Family raised you up and cared about your useless grandma. It was all because of you that Dad's company became like this. Can you get away with it if you escape?" The way she spoke was exactly the same as Rachel Yang.

"You are finally not pretending, you and your mom cheated me so many years!" Over the years, she tried many times to get close to Rachel Yang to get mother's love. It was all false statement from Linda, such as maybe she didn't behave well. Linda incited and played tricks on Bella again and again. In retrospect, Bella couldn't swallow her anger and was very furious!

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