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   Chapter 20 Confession Of Love From Ex-girlfriend

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With a mischievous look, Mark Liang crossed his legs, like a naughty child. "If she calls you now and tells you anything, she must be mad! Who knows God help you to meet Bella in the heavy rain and now it's totally different! "

Speaking of this, Mason lost in thought, his eyes became gentle. The existence of that woman somehow distracted him these days.

"Knock, knock, knock!" Just then, the beautiful secretary knocked on the door and came in. "Mr. Mason, Miss Bai is here. She is waiting for you in the reception room."

After saying that, the beautiful secretary nodded and left. Mark Liang sighed and said, "Look. She dare not to stay in your office for one more second. How did you make it?"

Mason wasn't surprised at Lucy Bai's arrival, but he wasn't as ecstatic as two years ago.

knowing Mason very well, Mark Liang smiled mysteriously. "As an outstanding assistant, I'm afraid I can predict something for you."

"You know what? I don't need your help." No matter what the situation was now, although it was not necessary to be with her, he still needed to be accompanied.

Mason walked out of the office, followed by Mark Liang. "I bet your ex-girlfriend does not come to you out of love. Instead, she cares more about your money."

Mason stopped and turned to look at Mark Liang coldly.

"Hehe." Mark Liang smiled dryly. "Well, Bella needs me to bring her something. I'm leaving now."

"What thing does she need?" He frowned and wondered why his own woman should accept gift from another man.

'It's not easy to be around this man!' exclaimed Mark Liang in his mind. Mason was really nervous about Bella, but he still made things worse.

"Since you have locked her up at home, she needs something urgent. Didn't you tell me to be responsible for her needs yesterday?"

"Desire?" Mason turned around and said coldly, "Leave her alone. We'll talk after work."

"But what she needs is Sanitary towel! " He also felt very morose and wondered why he had to buy such an embarrassing thing for a woman, especially for Mason' woman!

He stopped and heard a penetrating order, "I'll send it to her later!"

Looking at the disappearing figure of Mason, Mark Liang rolled his eyes and said, "Why don't you ask maid to do it for you? "

It was interesting. In Mark's eyes, Bella was a magic woman. Mason didn't care about details like this when he was dating with Lucy.

Lucy Bai worn a long pink dress down to the knees. She remembered that Mason had said that he didn't like girls to wear too short skirts. The pink makes Lucy white, now Lucy looked even younger but not as attractive as she had been two years ago. Mason himself was also confused. Was it because of time?

"Mason, you..." Standing up from her seat, Lucy didn't know what to say for a moment. She hesitated for a moment and then changed her words, "I didn't expect that you have a girlfriend."

Mason only sat next to her, peeled a new orange for her and thought about something else.

"Or do you have to make your relationship public because of some reaso

n? I remember that you were single. Did you fall in love with someone at first sight? " She tried her best to be calm.

Fall in love at first sight? 'Fell in love with Bella at first sight?' Mason thought carefully? It should be Well, they were very intimateit the first time they had seen each other.

Lucy was taken aback when she saw Mason smiling sweetly. Although it disappeared in a flash, she saw it clearly. So, she regret and hate the woman particularly!

'Who is she? Why does Mason likes her so much?' she thought. She remembered that they had known each other very well since they were kids, but he treated her differently from others. She wondered why they announced their new relationship to the public today after they had separated for two years?

Was he making fun of her on purpose? She couldn't believe that he still blamed her for abandoning him and chose to pursue her career.

Mason came back to his senses. Noticing that Lucy didn't look well, he asked with concern, "what's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just didn't expect you to announce your relationship so soon. It seems that I have no chance now. But have I seen that woman? Is the one I met in the YM Garden last time? " If it was really that woman, Lucy Bai was a little scared.

Mason smiled, neither admitted nor denied. She looked at Lucy gently and said, "Lucy, you'll support me no matter whom I will get engaged with, right? Just as you said two years ago when you left, if I find someone I love in these two years, you will bless me. Is that so? "

Lucy Bai's eyes turned red with tears. Her long eyelashes were almost popped out from tears in eyes. "Mason, do you want me to tell you the truth?"

"Yes." He nodded seriously.

"Actually..." Lucy Bai bit her lips and clenched her fists nervously. "I want to be with you this time. Too many things have happened in the past two years. I finally figured it out two months ago, because I have never forgotten you in the past two years. " With a bitter smile, a tear dropped from her eye. "Unfortunately, I realize it too late."

Mason was stunned. When her tear fell in his hand, his heart was gripped. At this moment, he suddenly lost control of himself and felt sorry for this gentle and beautiful woman as before. He had been in love with Lucy for so many years. Because he knew her career and knew that he was not that important in her heart, he gradually took his true heart back.

But now, did she cry for him?

"Lucy," Said Mason softly. The softness in his eyes was what she was familiar with.

"I understand. Although I won't wish you happiness, I do feel happy for you. But I heard it's the girl you saved. Do you really like her? " She was unconvinced. She thought, 'why is that girl? She dresses rather ordinary and normal boys may like her. But isn't Mason fond of delicate girls like me all the time?'?

Mason walked over to her and scooped her into his arms. "It's a long story. At present, we've made it public for some reason. I think you've already guessed it I'll tell you about it later. "

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