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   Chapter 19 Mess Up The Plan

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7108

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This time, instead of being more furious, Bella laughed out loud! Seeing Kevin Su shivering with anger, Bella inexplicably had a feeling of satisfaction!

Now that everyone is no longer pretending, after disappointment comes relief, finally no longer stupidly expecting anything, no need to accommodate anymore!

Looking at Kevin Su going upstairs angrily, Bella felt that her goal was achieved. When he was about to turn around and leave, she heard the voice of Rachel Yang. "Butler, close the door. Don't let Bella leave! Take her to the room and don't ever think about leaving! "

Bella was anxious. She did not expect that Rachel Yang would treat her in this way, and her father, Kevin Su, agreed!

She rushed out as fast as she could. If she marry a man lying on the bed forever, she would be a puppet of the Ye Family all her life!

The Ye Family?

She remembered that Mason belonged to the Ye Family. She could have asked him for help! After she came to the Su Family, she felt that it was better to make a deal with Mason than to be treated coldly and cruelly by the Su Family!

However, she was pulled by the butler to the door before she ran out of the courtyard.

One of the servants of the Su Family rudely treated her. After being severely punished by Rachel Yang, she was dragged into her room.

After being beaten and scolded enough, the door was slammed shut. She sat in the dark room, and the familiar helplessness and fear came over her.

The door was locked, so she couldn't get out. Because she lived in the most rudimentary room on the first floor, and there was a unified security windows outside, she couldn't escape.

"You bitch! Even if you hook up a rich guy to hide your grandma, can he fight against the Ye Family? Get yourself ready. Engagement ceremony is tomorrow. You have to go there no matter you want it or not! " Rachel Yang kicked the door several times to vent her anger.

For a moment, it was so quiet outside. Bella's heart was as cold as water. The paradox of arguing with them for the first time in seven years tortured her..

Why didn't Mason say it was tomorrow? Had she known engagement party would be tomorrow, she wouldn't have come back to the Su Family tonight.

When she was at a loss, her phone rang.

It was Mason. He finally had some conscience.

"Where are you?" Said Mason with a calm tone.

"Where else can I be? I was locked in a room by them! Why didn't you tell me that engagement is tomorrow? " Bella was very angry. She felt like she was fooled by Mason!

"I just heard about it. You try to escape first. Then I will think of other ways!" He pinched his eyebrows and didn't expect Erin Chen to be so anxious.

That was exactly what Bella was waiting for. She had already figured out a way to escape, but she could not do it by herself alone and needed someone to help her.

"If you put a ladder outside the yard, I can escape." Since she moved into the Su Family house seven years ago, she had slowly loosed the security window, so that her thin body could go through it. But since the yard was too high, there was nothing they could depend on. If she jumped down, she would break her legs.

"What?" Mason raised his voice. "Want me to put the ladder?"

"Why do you react so strongly? The wall of Su Family is too high, even no tree outside. I can climb up, but dare not jump." She had also observed for a long time, worrying that she would be beaten to death in the yard one day. She was well prepared.

Hearing her pathetic voice, Mason frowned

and said, "Wait for half an hour."

Bella agreed, "Okay, I'll wait for you."

After hanging up, Mason told Mark Liang to prepare a simple ladder. Mason also told him not to tell anyone.

Poor Mark Liang, who was dating at the bar, is called back like this, as if to do something shameful.

Holding her cell phone, Bella heard three of them upstairs discussing something. She couldn't hear it clearly, but it made her feel uneasy. Needless to ask, she knew that they were discussing how to make sure the engagement go smoothly tomorrow. After all, they hadn't expected that she had known everything.

Bella, who had fought with them, didn't know why she felt relieved. Otherwise, in situation like today, she would be criticized and punished by Rachel Yang and born it in the room

Every time Bella thought of the past, her heart was convulsing. Rachel Yang was an ungrateful stepmother who had been pestering Bella for seven years and used Bella as a tool to vent her anger. If Bella's mother knew that, would she feel sorry for Bella?

Bella really wanted to know who her mother was and where had she gone?

Why? Why did everyone keep it from her? Did they hide anything from her?

Twenty minutes later, Mason called her and asked her to go out.

She wiped her tears and packed up her things quickly. A backpack alone could take all her belongings in the Su Family. Deep down, she didn't expect anything from this family either.

After throwing her bag outside, she picked up an iron bar and jumped to the ground from a crack which she could barely go out. It was too late to look back at this seven-year-old home. Bella ran to a hidden corner and climbed to the top of the wall by a big tree.

When Mason saw Bella at night, she was squatting on the wall and ready to jump down. She is dressed in a simple black leisure suit, which made people want to protect her in the dark.

"Hey, wait!" Mason immediately let people put up the ladder, this girl really dared to jump.

Bella saw that they were fast. She hurriedly got down from the ladder. If she was to be found later, she could not escape from this place.

Mason stretched out his arms and was about to catch her, but he was pushed away.

Mason sneered, "Pretentious! You have planned to cooperate with me, but pretend to be innocent, and clarify the relationship with me. "

"……" Bella bit her lips. "I just want to get off by myself."

Mason didn't respond. He sat in the car and ordered, "Go back!"

The next day, an unexpected event happened in L City. The president of the Ye Family suddenly announced his love affair. The most interesting thing was that Erin Chen, the mother of Mason, announced that her second son, William Ye, was about to be engaged to Su's daughter.

It was known to all that William Ye was still lying in hospital, unable to wake up. The daughter of the Su Family must be a victim.

But a day passed, there was no news about the Ye Group. Even if the reporters blocked every corner, no new news came out. In the meantime, the building of the Feiyang Group was crowded with reporters who were crouching and waiting for the news.

The two handsome men were the focus of women in L City and even the whole country. Now, both of them were going to announce their engagement. Isn't that breaking thousands of young girls' dreams?

Mason sat in her office and tapped the wooden table from time to time. "My mom is really fast. She didn't call me, indicating that they already knew the truth, or she still not cared about me."

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