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   Chapter 18 Being Slapped By Her Father

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"Cut the euphemism!" She didn't want to see his hypocrisy any more. She hadn't felt her father's love for so many years, instead she suffered a lot because of his cowardice. They were all ruthless. There was no need for her to feel sorry.

"It's easy and good for you. Have you heard of the Ye Family? They are the owner of the Feiyang Group. As long as you marry their second son, William Ye, our family will be saved. Since you are one member of this family, you make a sacrifice for whole family. " Rachel Yang was the gentlest ever.

Bella sneered. They had never thought of asking her how she had been through these days. It seemed that they had been used to it. Once Bella, who had been expelled from the family, would surely appear alive.

Looking at Bella, Linda Su sensed something different. She felt a little uneasy. If Bella refused, it would be her who would marry that cripple.

"Bella, the Ye family is prominent. You will have a good life after marrying him." Linda Su walked close to Bella with with a consideration look for her.

Bella looked up at her eyes with a sad and beautiful smile. "A man who is still unconscious in the hospital bed, even if he wakes up, has to stay in the wheelchair. If he hadn't had a car accident, how could I have the chance to get close to him? "

Linda Su felt aggrieved and shocked. She couldn't help but take a step back. "Bella, how could you How can you say that? I I have a boyfriend. "

"You broke up with him a long time ago. But you wanted me to promise to marry into the Ye Family for you, so you entangled with him. What's more, you asked your mother to beat me." Her calm words surprised everyone present.

Kevin Su and Rachel Yang looked at each other. They did not expect that Bella knew about it.

Rachel Yang gave Linda Su's a look to stop talking. She squinted and looked at Bella up and down.

"Who told you that? You didn't even call me mum like before?"

Kevin Su looked at her daughter, feeling sad. He still underestimated Bella. It was indeed the time for her to know the truth.

"Don't you feel disgusted? Someone not your biological daughter called you mother, and father concealed it from me for so many years. I have so many scars on my back. If I go to the police station to sue you, I guess you will be put into prison. After all, the Su Family is on the decline. Bribes... If I really marry into the Ye Family, I would do something. " These cold and ruthless words made Kevin Su's heart skip a beat for no reason.

Kevin Su turned his head and looked at his daughter. This was that woman's child, and now they looked alike. So he had been keeping a distance from his daughter all these years in order to avoid thinking of her. Would Bella become the same as her?

However, it is gratifying that even if there was not too much love, she had always been so excellent, much better than Linda.

If it wasn't for Rachel Yang and Linda, if it wasn't for the fortune teller to say that Bella was born to be a disaster, and they are doomed to fall apart, Kevin Su would not treat her like that. He felt sorry for his daughter, but there was nothing he could do.

"I don't know where you get these bullshit from. I will teach you

a lesson!" Yelled Rachel Yang, with her eyes wide open

"Miss Yang, you are not qualified to hit me!" Bella stood up and looked at the family, examining their rude and cold sneer. Why was she willing to be bullied for such a long time.

"How dare you!" Rachel Yang stood up suddenly. "Do you want to run away! Just go! Kevin Su! "

Kevin Su looked at his wife and children perplexedly, with several silver hairs at the temples, and turned to Bella. "Bella, it's all my fault. I asked you here today to discuss with you about marrying the children of the Ye Family. Since you know it, I won't hide it from you. Now you must help me out, okay? "

Deep inside, Bella was disappointed at what her father said.

"Dad, can I ask you if I agree, will there be any good for me? Every time you drove me out of the house, you wouldn't even ask if I was fine outside. Yes, my life is cheap. so there won't be any danger outside. Why should I do that? What are the advantages? " Bella clenched her hands and put her nails into them to hold back the tears.

"I Bella, I have no choice. I know you hate me. But I... " He still couldn't make any promise to her. If the prediction was correct, he still did not dare to keep Bella by his side.

"Since there's nothing else, I'll go first!" Bella stood up and turned around without hesitation!

"Stop!" Rachel Yang yelled and ran to her. "You are really something, Bella!" As she spoke, she habitually reached out her hand and gave her a big slap!

When her hand was about to reach Bella's ear, Bella grasped the wrist of Rachel Yang and smiled, "Aunt Yang, be careful not to hurt your hand!"

Linda Su was stunned and looked at Bella. How could she be so arrogant today? She clenched her fist and rushed to her mother to protect her. Then she spread his arms and said angrily, "Bella, what's wrong with you? Do you want to hit my mother?"

Bella was amused. She finally realized that the so-called "my mother" by Linda actually meant that Bella was an outsider.

"Clap!" All of a sudden, Bella got slapped on her face when she was lost in thought.

Bella looked at Kevin Su in shock. He hit her for the first time for the sake of Rachel Yang!

As far as she could remember, even though her father never showed up to help her out, he never took any actions. Having argued for a few words, Bella had been slapped.

Good, very good! All of these had shown who they were! The former Bella was so coward that everyone was used to bullying her! Now even a little bit of resistance would be enough to make people furious, after all, shaking their dignity!

"Bella, why did you do this to your mother?" Kevin Su looked at her angrily.

Rachel Yang pushed him away in disgust and sat back on the sofa to clean her hands. Her smile at the corners of her eyes showed that she was in a good mood. She couldn't punish this bitch herself, but there was always someone to do it for her!

"Huh! Do you think I don't know my biological mother is not Rachel Yang? " Bella touched her swollen cheek with her hand, and her smile was sharp. "How long do you want to hide the truth?"

"Clap!" Again, the slap fell on her face, and both sides of her cheeks were swollen and red.

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