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   Chapter 17 Insult From Family

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Squatting on the ground, she had never been so exhausted. She was sad, but she didn't want to give others a chance to laugh at her.

"Go home tonight. Your father has something to discuss with you. Don't forget that you are still a member of the Su Family. Even if you want to fly away, you must have that ability! Well, I will teach you a lesson when you come back! I've packed up your things. As long as you listen to me and your grandma still alive. Otherwise, I will beat you to death! " After that, Rachel Yang hung up the phone.

"Hey! Hey, you'd better make it clear to me! " Bella paced back and forth anxiously. She had forgotten that even if her grandma wasn't in their hands, her grandma's home meant a lot to grandma and herself. She could earn more money by herself, but grandma couldn't.

"What's wrong?" asked Mason.

"I have to go home first." Anyway, she couldn't leave without any hesitation. Her ID card and personal belongings were in the house. After all, she always believed that was her home anyway.

"Why? Do they have something against you?" Mason believed that grandma was the most important thing for Bella. There was nothing else that would hinder her.

Hearing his words, Bella burst into laughter. "He got something against me? This is an accurate expression. I was so stupid that I didn't realize what my situation was, and I was so blind. "

In the evening, Bella stayed with her grandma in the hospital for a long time. When she thought it was time to leave, the driver arranged by Mason sent her to the Su Family. There was no turning back for Bella. She was of great value to him, so there was no reason to refuse his care.

Far away from the Su Family, Bella got off the car. After all, it would be troublesome to let them see a luxury car.

"Bella?" A familiar voice came from her back. She closed her eyes and felt helpless.

Linda Su was the only one who spoke for her in the Su Family. As a girl who knew the truth, she was a little moved when she saw the harmless smile, although she knew it is fake. Was she really good to her?

As soon as she turned around, Bella saw her boyfriend. Rachel Yang misunderstood that Bella was trying to seduce him!

With a flicker in her eyes, she suddenly realized something. She remembered the day when Rachel Yang beat and kicked her, Linda Su hid in her room and never came out. If she really believed Bella, Bella would not be beaten up and hurt all over if she said something good to Rachel Yang.

"Bella, it's you? How have you been these days? " Linda Su approached her with a kind and harmless smile.

Bella sneered. If she really cared about Bella, why didn't she comfort Bella when Bella was driven out of the house? Bella used to think that her rebellious and obedient little sister also knew that they were not real sisters.

"I'm fine." She squeezed a smile and looked at her boyfriend. "You're reconciled. It seems that I am not that charming."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Bella. It's not that I didn't want to help you before, it's just you are indeed more beautiful and outstanding than me And you know, our mother is really terrible when she is cursing, I don't even dare to get involved. " She took Bella's hand and tried to justify herself.

Our mother? Ironic words

But Bella didn't know whether Linda Su knew the truth or not. She wanted to observe a

nd then made a decision. After all, Linda cared about her before.

"It doesn't matter. Let's go back." She turned around and walked ahead. She didn't want to think about it. The more she hoped, the more disappointed she was. She didn't care any more.

Linda Su said goodbye to her boyfriend in a hurry. That man didn't even explain to Bella. He was asking her about Linda Su's hobby at that time. Or Linda Su just pretended not to know.

Before Bella entered the living room, she saw Rachel Yang, with her hands crossed on her chest and a faint smile on her lips, which was chilling. She was dressed in a light green cheongsam, and she looked young as well as charming.

Her father, Kevin Su, felt guilty these years, so he didn't stop Rachel Yang beating Bella. But today, Bella finally understood that it was guilt to them, to be more accurate, it was his cowardice!

All these years, what she had suffered in the Su Family was equal to the favors they have given. Bella had done nothing wrong. She was not a fool!

"Since you are back, please sit down." Rachel Yang looked at Bella scornfully and sat on the sofa, crossing her legs.

"Bella, you are back. Take a seat please." Kevin Su came down from the second floor with a big smile on his face. "Have you eaten yet?"

Bella sat on the sofa lightly and looked at this house. She thought even if she said she didn't eat, Rachel Yang might not give her anything today.

"Yes, I have." Although she didn't eat yet.

"Humph!" Rachel Yang smiled scornfully, "You've become a full fledged man in just a few days. I heard that you've found some powerful backer and took your grandma away. How can you come back now?"

Bella was just looking at her quietly and how the family treated her. Why didn't she has any self-esteem in the past? Did she expect the person in the devil mask to treat her as a family? Stupid!

"Bella, where is your grandma?" Kevin Su approached her and sat down. "If you take her away, tell me, or I'll worry about her."

"Have you ever worried about her?" Suddenly, Bella turned her head, staring at him indifferently and calmly, "if you are worried, why did you ask me until today? Daddy. "

The smile of Kevin Su froze all of a sudden, and he did not know how to answer. He liked Bella, but because of Rachel Yang, he dared not be close to her.

Looking at the embarrassing smile of Kevin Su, Rachel Yang glared at her and said, "Yo, you have got a sharp tongue! Then why did you come back? Your back doesn't hurt any more? "

Her body was frozen! 'she even has a vicious smile on her face. How could she speak to me in such a cold manner?'! The injury on her back just healed, but she hasn't had time to deal with it. Even Mason saw her and felt sorry for her!

"Rachel, please don't. Don't you have something to ask her for help? You... "

"Huh! Begging her? Do you think I still need to beg her? She was born to be a disaster. We brought her back and let her live with us for a couple of years. However, you lost your business. Don't you think she owe us? " She had been rude to Bella over the years.

Bella lowered her head and said coldly, "so what do you want me to do?"

"Bella, I just..." Kevin Su felt uncomfortable when he saw his indifferent daughter. He was not heartless, but this was the most effective way to save the Su Family from crisis.

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