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   Chapter 15 Deal Between Two Families

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6269

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Mason left the company and went to a café nearby. When he pushed the door open, he saw a charming woman by the window.

The quiet Bella was just like her name, inducing people have a strong desire to protect her.

"Mr. Mason, shall we talk about your real purpose of doing this?" Bella came straight to the point when she saw him sitting down.

Mason picked up the menu and said, "Take it easy. We have a lot of time. Waiter, give me a Latte please. " He looked at Bella and ordered a glass of orange juice, "One macaroon, please." Then he handed the menu to the waiter.

It was the first time that the waitress had seen such a handsome man, and she couldn't help but be wild with joy. She went three steps and turned around to look at Mason, her face blushing and her heart beating fast.

Bella embarrassed. Although Mason was an eye-catching man, there was no need to behave like this!

"Don't you want to tell me?" Bella knocked on the desktop rather impatiently, "Mr. Mason, what conspiracy does the Su Family has, and you would not hesitate to find a girlfriend?'

Mason picked up the cup of coffee and was stunned by her words. Girl friend? Lucy Bai? Even he himself didn't know their current relationship. If it was in the past, he might not deny. But now, they She wasn't his girlfriend.

Mason put down the cup with a bigger smile. "Are you jealous? You said you were my girlfriend and now you are with another woman. Is that true? "

Bella was slightly stunned, but then she realized what happened. She pounded the table and said, "Mr. Mason, I am not joking. Now grandma is being taken care of in the hospital. If there is nothing important, will you spend your time on me? What a jerk! Mr. Mason, CEO of Feiyang Group, why are you unwilling to admit what you have done? "

"It might be useless for you to know these things too early. But since you want to know, let me take you to a place, okay? " He had made up his mind, so he didn't plan to conceal it.

"Where ?" Bella didn't trust him anymore, but she had no other choice.

"After finishing this dessert, I'll take you there." The waitress served macaroon, "You didn't seem to have breakfast. Aren't you hungry?"

"……" Bella glared at him. The reason why she didn't eat breakfast was he and Forget it!

She angrily picked up the beautiful dessert, put it in her mouth, and slowly opened her eyes.

"Does it taste good?" Noticing that she bit off half of the cake, Mason looked at her with interest.

"Yes, yes." Bella nodded. This dessert seemed to be quite famous, and it tasted really good, sweet but not greasy. Wonderful!

"I'd like to taste it." Mason approached Bella and motioned her to feed him.

She leaned back in disgust, "Help yourself."

"It's more tasty to be fed by you ." He put his hands on the table, waiting to be fed like a cat.

"……" A chill came over her, "I can't."

"If you don't, I won't take you to witness the truth." Mason shrugged and smiled.

"……" All right! She picked up one pink piece and rudely put it into his mouth. Then she picked up the other two pieces and took a bite.

Mason smile

d and looked at her with his bright eyes. The person in front of him was not a lady, but beautiful. Why didn't she realize that she smelled better than this dessert.

She ate up her macaroon and walked to the cashier's desk to pay the bill. But Mason got the bill. She had wanted to pay for it, but she didn't expect the macaroon to be too expensive for her.

Mason drove car and stopped in front of a private hospital with Bella.

"Hospital?" All of a sudden, Bella became nervous. She turned around and grabbed his arm, asking, "Are you..."

"Don't worry. Your grandma is very well in that hospital, but if she stays here, she is not safe." If someone knew that he was looking after an unfamiliar old grandma here, who knows what Erin Chen and his father would hear of?

She put her heart in her stomach and slowly took back her hand. Before she successed, she was caught by him and held tightly in his palm.

Mason looked at her with affection, "Do you know, in fact, a woman showing weakness is not a matter of hurting self-esteem, but using her advantage. You are cute if you keep being obedient. "

Bella shook off his hand, "Sorry, I don't care about your love!" Then she opened the door and got off.

Mason smiled and thought, 'What a rude woman she is!'!

She didn't know why he took her here, but she really didn't like this place. Every time when her grandma was hospitalized, she hated Kevin Su and Rachel Yang so much when she saw grandma's miserable look! And now, she began to hate Mason! They all threatened her with their grandma!

They walked out of the elevator and went to the VIP ward. Mason stopped in front of a ward at the end of the corridor.

"Wait!" Just when she was about to look into the ward through the window on the door, Mason dragged her aside silently to a storage room. "Someone is coming. Let's hide in first."

"……" Confused, Bella didn't know what to do. She had no choice but to get into the room first, only to find that the room was very small and pitch dark. She closed the door and could see nothing.

"What happened?" She lowered her voice, only to find that Mason was very close to her. The rest space were full of clutter.

"Shh!" Mason reached out his hand to block her mouth and pulled her into his arms.

"What What are you doing? " Bella bit her teeth and protested in a low voice.

"In case you make trouble!" Mason used one hand to press her mouth and left a crack in the door for her to watch outside.

Bella understood and gave up.

Two persons walked slowly to the bright and spacious corridor. They lowered their voices and seemed to be discussing something.

At first, they didn't hear it clearly as if they were worried about being heard!

"Mr. Ye, will Mrs. Ye keep her words?" A anxious middle-aged man's voice came through, with a trace of humbleness.

Bella's heart suddenly shrank. Isn't this her father, the weak and incompetent Kevin Su, who never said a word when Rachel Yang scolded her?

Several days later, she finally realized her true position in the Su Family, and her hope for the family had already disappeared.

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