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   Chapter 14 What Is His Purpose

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In the following days, Bella Su couldn't find a job normally, so she had to borrow some money from others.

Standing in the corridor of the superior ward area, Bella Su saw the guards!

'Damn! Bastard! Why did he need guards to watch grandma? Was he worried that grandma would be taken away by me?'? Or did he find out that I escaped?

While Bella Su was watching from the corner, suddenly, her phone rang.

She went to the bathroom quietly. When she saw the strange number, she hesitated and answered it.

"Where are you?" The familiar, cold and sullen voice came to Bella Su's ears. She felt lucky that she didn't act on impulse and went to see her grandma directly just now.

"Does it matter where I am?" She tried to control her mood fluctuation and she couldn't let him notice that she was in the hospital. If she asked him why he had his grandma watched now, she was bound to be found.

"Have you visited your grandma?" He said directly without any irony, "if you want to be good for your grandma, just come back!"

'what the fuck! This scumbag, beast, old fox!

"Mason Ye, what do you want? If there is anything that needs me to do, say it out. Don't threaten me with my grandma! " What she hated most in her life was others threatening her! It used to be Kevin Su and that woman. Now she met Mason Ye. She hated to be fooled again and again!

"What do I want?" Mason Ye frowned. He really didn't know what he exactly wanted. But this woman was used by the Su Family to make a deal with the Ye Family and used it against him. He would never let them succeed!

"Mason Ye, let me tell you. If you push me too hard, none of us can get away with it." Bella Su sat on the toilet seat angrily, her eyes were red with anger. How she wished she could strangle that man! At the thought of her grandma being taken advantage of at such an old age, she hated herself for being incompetent!

He returned kindness with ingratitude, robbed her of her purity, and even threatened her family! If it weren't for the fact that her grandma was getting old, she would fight Mason Ye to the death!

"Huh! Well, when you come back, I'll tell you what do I want. I'm not being unreasonable, but I'm here to help you! "

"Bullshit!" Bella Su was so angry that she cursed him!

"What?" "Excuse me?" Mason Ye stood up in an instant He had never been cursed like this, especially by women!

"Bullshit!" His whole family was bullshit!

"You!" Mason Ye's face became sullen. His secretary had knocked at the door for a long time, but no one answered, so she pushed the door open. As she walked in, she saw the murderous look in Mr. Mason's eyes. Scared, she left the room immediately!

This woman, looked good with a gentle fragrance, but was so rude and bad tempered! Mason Ye was so angry that he paced back and forth in his office, but he couldn't do anything to her!

It seemed that the situation she was in just now was not easy to be coaxed!

When Mark Liang came in, he saw that Mason Ye frowned, looking distressed.

Mason Ye sat in his chair sullenly, staring at the phone on the desk in a daze. He reached for a cigarette habitually, but suddenly remembered that he had rarely smoked recently.

"Mr. Mason, what makes you so angry?" Mark Liang took a glance at his phone carefully and saw the name of Bella Su before the screen went black.

Before entering the office, he had heard from his secretary that Mason Ye had lost his temper badly. She had been so frightened that she had left the office without even saying a word.

"Nothing!" Feeling annoyed, Mason Ye threw his phone away, rubbed his eyebrows, when he looked up, he had been calm down and said, "what's up?"

Without asking any more questions, Mark Liang sat in front of

him decorously and said in a serious voice, "It seems that William Ye has signs of awakening!"

"What?" Mason Ye's eyes emitted a breathtaking fierceness. "The timing is right!"

Mark Liang didn't say anything more. He knew that although Mason Ye wanted his brother to wake up, the time would make Erin Chen's plan succeed, so he had to value it!

After a while, seeing that Mason Ye's mood softened a little, Mark Liang cautiously said, "Lucy Bai is back. It seems that she is really going back to develop her career."

Mason Ye didn't respond. He stared blankly in front of him, motionless for a long time.

"Now you must take actions as soon as possible. If you don't cooperate with Bella Su, we may have to watch Erin Chen's plan succeed! But Bella Su is not a kind person. She is not that kind of person who can tolerate impropriety in her eyes... " Mark Liang worried that the spoony Mason Ye would do something made the situation out of control. Besides, he didn't think that Lucy Bai was the right person for Mason Ye now. That woman, fame and fortune weighed heavily, so her love for Mason Ye was not pure.

The spectators saw most of the game. They all knew that Lucy Bai was used to the fact that Mason Ye cared about her. So she feared nothing with it!

"What do you want to say?" Mason Ye raised his head and fixed his eyes on Mark Liang, which made people tremble with fear.

Stunned by Mason Ye's question, Mark Liang lowered his head and touched his nose, then turning his eyes to look at him with an embarrassing smile. "Nothing," he said, standing up from the chair in a hurry and prepared to leave. "I didn't say anything, I just help you analyze a little. But it seems that you don't need it. I'll go to work now. Mr. Yang is here again. I have to deal with him first. "

Hearing that it was Mr. Yang, the father of Shelley Yang, who was entangled with him and said that she must fall in love with him, Mason Ye felt a headache. He waved his hand and said, "go ahead."

Getting an amnesty, Mark Liang quickly left the office.

Mason Ye understood, but he didn't expect that Lucy Bai would come back and told him that she wanted to make up with him. Two years ago, and even more days and nights, he had been looking forward to the beautiful girl like an elf, saying that she wanted to be with him well, being able to put down a part of her career and accompanying him. However, when she said those words to him today, he didn't feel so happy or excited as he expected. Instead, he felt somewhat upset.

Mason Ye didn't know what went wrong. He took out his phone and clicked on the name of the contact Bella Su. He thought she would arrive soon.

"Buzz... Buzz... " Her name appeared on the screen, preventing him from thinking.

"Hello?" Not knowing why, when Mason Ye was about to see her. he was a little Nervous! Was it the feeling of expectation? He asked himself.

"If you have something to say, you can come down to talk. I'm not going upstairs." Bella Su thought that as an ordinary woman, it would definitely bring her more or less trouble if she appeared in the dream lover's office of thousands of girls.

When Bella Su was taking the bus, she had googled the name of Mason Ye passingly. She didn't expect him to be the CEO of the Feiyang Group! She didn't pay much attention to his father when she went to his home before. His father was the chairman of the Feiyang Group. Although Mason Ye's pictures were rare to see, it was easy to find his father's pictures.

Because of this, Bella Su began to wonder what was the value of her deserved the CEO of the Feiyang Group fighting so hard! Not to mention that the Su Family was even unable to protect themselves now! They didn't have the value either.

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