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   Chapter 13 Shameless Public Display Of Affection

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6970

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Was grandma lying to her? She once said that only soul mate could smell the special scent of her body

In other words, Mason was her only husband, so he could smell her unique scent.

However, she could smell fragrance of herself, and maybe the smell he could smell was not the same as she imagined!

"What What's the smell? " Bella asked even though she could not believe it.

"Knock, knock, knock!" Just then, someone knocked on the door of Bella's room.

Both of them were stunned. When Bella met his eyes, she took the opportunity to kick him. He groaned and she broke away from his arms.

Bella sneaked out of the bed to the ground as fast as she could, and then ran to the bathroom. She locked the door and sat down by the door.

Damn it! What was wrong with her? He was hateful just now. Why was he a little lost when she ran away? What the hell was it?

Mason glared at the bathroom, his eyes full of remorse. 'Bad girl! Almost kicked him in the chest.'. Why was she so strong? She smelled sweet but with thorns all over her body!

Opening the door, May looked up and saw the poker face of Mason. The smile froze on his face.

"Mr. Mas... Mr. Mason, Miss Bai She... " May turned her head to the left nervously. Lucy Bai, who had a delicate makeup, was standing next to her with a smile.

Mason closed the door and walked to Lucy Bai. He tenderly touched her head and asked, "How about your feet? Do they hurt?" His tone was so soft that people could hardly stand. At least May felt that way.

One second ago he had a long face, and the next second he was very gentle and careful. However, Miss Bai can bear it. Seeing her boyfriend come out of other women's rooms, she can laugh without any flaws. No wonder she is in the entertainment circle!

Lucy Bai looked down at her shining high-heeled shoes and curled up her lips. She leaned on his chest and murmured, "I have no choice. I have to shoot an advertisement for today. I was going to have breakfast with you, but I didn't expect that you disappeared when I woke up. Why are you here? Is this that girl's room? "

May lowered her head immediately She turned around and went downstairs without hearing anything.

With a faint smile, Mason held her waist and walked towards the stairway. "Yes, it's her room. She said she would cook breakfast, but she didn't get up until this time." The implication was that he was looking for Bella to make breakfast.

Lucy Bai smiled and put her head on his arm. "It doesn't matter. Since she is your guest, don't be too harsh on her. I remember May is good at cooking. I also miss the sandwiches she made. " She sneered in her mind, 'I woke up in the morning and it took me one hour to put on makeup. Why did it take me so long to question a person?'?

Besides, she had noticed that Mason just woke up from his sleep. Thinking of this, Lucy's eyes were full of anger and her nails were dug into her palm deeply.

They hadn't seen each other for two years. It seemed that she didn't hold a special position in his heart.

Mason didn't see the expression on her face. He pulled a chair for Lucy and said, "Take a seat. There is your favorite sandwich."

Lucy Bai noticed that he was wearing a dark blue pajama shirt, and his slightly messy hair made him more charming and handsome. She had never paid much attention to this relationship before, and for some reasons, they had not been in touch for two years. But something had happened recently, whic

h made her miss this man more and more. She had once heard that he went out with a woman at night, so she gave up a lot of journey to rush back!

Mason told her that Bella was just a key point of one of his recent projects and asked her not to mind. But how could she not mind if Bella's face was the same as her name. More importantly, she didn't understand what Mason was thinking about her this time.

Would their relationship be as good as before?

Lucy Bai, from a young age, had the precious thing for the first time, and felt the danger of being snatched away. She and Mason grew up together. And she was freaking out when someone broke in.

Bella sat in her room, planning what she should do next. She really wanted to see her grandma. In this world, nothing worth her attention except her grandma. She planned to leave quietly after Mason went to work.

She tied up her ponytail, wore a pure white T-shirt and light blue small jeans. She was young and beautiful, so it was convenient for her to run away. What Mason prepared were very expensive. Those are what she asked May to buy for her.

Just out of the room, she heard that in the restaurant downstairs, Lucy Bai was about to leave.

"Mason, we Can we still be friends? " Holding onto his arm, Lucy Bai asked reluctantly. In his eyes, her look was easy to arouse his desire to protect her.

Bella looked at them and then at herself, feeling Mason and herself were really incompatible. Suddenly she felt that she must be too stupid in the past two days. She should believe what he said and began to trust him. Maybe the reason why Mason dragged her here was that he had other plans.

"Lucy, you are always my pure and lovely little angel. Since you have come back, are you not going to stay abroad anymore? " The voice of Mason was so gentle and considerate that it was like a romantic play.

"Really? But I still need to handle some matters abroad. After all, my movie hasn't completed yet. " Lucy Bai kissed him on the cheek excitedly. Her red cheeks were adorable.

She was dressed in a well tailored dress and limited edition high heels. With delicate makeup and a sweet smile, she looked like a perfect match for Mason.

Eyes are the last thing that lies when you love a person. The reason why Mason was so gentle to Lucy Bai was that he loved her.

"I'll wait for you." Mason scooped her up and walked out of the living room with her.

After a while, the sound of car leaving came. Bella recovered from her thoughts and quickly ran downstairs, and came to the yard before May noticed.

'it's so strange. The maids are not here. Is she avoiding seeing their showing love?'?

A mockery flashed in Bella's eyes but soon disappeared! 'Anyway, this is a good chance. She grabbed her phone and left the house quickly.

"YM Garden." accidentally, she caught a glimpse of the sign in front of the entrance of the Mason's courtyard, and she couldn't help but take another look.

Soon, she turned around and ran away for a long time to avoid meeting someone.

Now she had no time to think too much. She just wanted to go to the hospital to see her grandma. However, she didn't have any cash with her, so she had to use the phone to pay bills during her trip these days. The most important thing is that the money in her card was not much, the previous deposit was not much, she just graduated not long ago, plus buying medicine for grandma and her own expenses, there was little left.

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