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   Chapter 12 Being Cuckolded

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Bella suddenly felt it was ridiculous. She was in an awkward position.

However, Mason didn't allow her to leave. If she insisted on leaving at this time, it would make her seem very care. No matter for what reason or need, Bella would make sure to avoid grandma suffering during the critical time. She was poor, but she had only one grandma. She had no choice but to go on and take a walk on the exclusive wooden bridge.

May looked at the back of Bella with a complicated look. And Mr. Mason and Lucy Bai disappeared on the second floor. Unexpectedly, two years later, Lucy Bai came back again. The first time two women met, it was such a scene.

Ivy sympathized with Mason, and felt sorry for him. Lucy Bai was not willing to quit her show business for Mason. They witnessed that Mr. Mason had struggled to get out of the decadent circle in the past two years, but she came back.

Although she didn't know much about this Bella, everyone said that she was more suitable to Mr. Mason. Although Bella had no background, she was the only person who was able to sleep with Mr. Mason.

She didn't know much about it, but the love bites all over Bella's body made her blush when she sent clothes to Bella that day.

Suddenly, she felt a little sorry for Bella. She looked upstairs, quiet and worrying.

"Miss Su?" May asked cautiously and wanted to persuade her to go back to her bedroom. After all, in the heart of Mr. Mason, Lucy Bai occupied a very important position.

"What? What's wrong? " Wearing an emotionless face, Bella turned her head to look at May and captured sympathy from her face.

"It's late. You should go to your room and have a rest," May was a little stunned. Instead of disappointed and sad, Miss Su looked quite indifferent.

Bella smiled and knew what the maid was thinking.

Did she think I am jealous? 'Are you kidding me? As a woman, do you really want to be with the one who has sex with? Do you want to be entangled with him?'

Over the years, she had never expected anybody else to love or take care of her. After all, even Kevin Su believed that she was born to be at odds with him, and that she would bring bad luck to his wealth.

But why did she feel a little stuffy in her heart? It burnt and empty, just like drinking too much coffee.

Bella turned around, looked at May and smiled. "Can I have a cup of hot milk?" Since I can't go back, there is nothing to worry about. She believed that she could disappear from his world in three days.

"Okay." May stunned. Then she turned around quickly. It seemed that she thought too much.

Just then, a voice came from upstairs, "May, please make a cup of coffee for me."

"Yes, Mr. Mason." May looked at Mr. Mason and then looked at Bella with embarrassment.

Bella said, waving her hand. ' I can take a cup of milk by myself." She didn't visit Mr. Mason, just got a glass of hot water in the kitchen and went back to her room.

Standing at the stairway and looking at Bella's indifferent appearance, Mason forgot to go back to his room for a moment.

This woman, didn't she care at all?

"Mason, are you there?" He didn't go back to the bedroom until he heard the delicate voice from Lucy Bai.

Bella stayed in the room, drinking hot water, feeling that there was something wrong with her body. But she didn't want to think about it too much. She just thought that it was unfair for her innocence.

Anyway, if her first time was taken by a clean boy, she would feel better even if she didn't like him. But on the contrary, she was well aware that Mason not only has a girlfrie

nd, but also a total womanizer, who wanted her to be his girlfriend!

Scum! Bella cursed him in her mind and felt a little better.

Lying in bed, she finally realized that she was disgusted by this bastard!

Well, I see! It didn't take long before she fell asleep!

Half asleep and half awake, she felt as if someone was by her side and her cheek was cold. But it disappeared soon. Bella was so sleepy, so she turned over and continued to sleep.

An alarm clock woke her up in the morning. She tried to reach for her phone, but found herself unable to move!

What happened? Bella suddenly opened her eyes and was totally awake!

"Mr. Mason!" Seeing the enlarged face and the faint scent of his body, Bella pushed him unconsciously.

"Don't move!" He just moved and tried to open his eyes, but he didn't want to let her go!

"Mr. Mason, you asshole! Let go of me!" What's wrong with him? He has a girlfriend, but he's sleeping with another woman. Doesn't he feel guilty at all?

Not expecting to be imprisoned with his hands the next moment, Mason held Bella in his arms with one hand, and the two were tightly attached together, and they could feel the temperature of each other through two thin pajamas!

"Bastard!" Bella clenched her teeth. "If you keep doing this, I will shout for help!"

His sleepy eyes winked with interest, and he said in a low and husky voice, "This is my home. It's useless to shout."

"Shameless! Bastard, aren't you afraid that your girlfriend will hear you? " She couldn't imagine what kind of a person those rich people were?

Although she had no boyfriend, she would never be so chaotic. On the one hand, she cared about someone; on the other hand, she was sleeping in the same bed with someone else!

The thought that Mason might like her body made her sick, and her disgust and rejection of him intensified!

"Girlfriend?" Then he realized what she meant.

His cello-low mellowness has a hint of playfulness, and he gently exhaled a warm breath near her ears, "Are you jealous?"

"What Shameless! " Bella turned her face away to avoid his mouth. His smell and the smell of hormones made her panic.

"Well Don't move. " Mason buried his head in Bella's neck and took a deep breath, smelling the fragrance of her body. It was also an addictive poison.

"Fuck off!" With her eyebrows frowned, Bella could feel his breath. He was totally abnormal. "What are you doing?"

With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, he hugged her tightly in his arms. "You didn't seem to ask me why on earth Screw you. "

All of a sudden, she forgot to struggle, as if her brain was blown up! This question, she She really wanted to know! This scumbag, who hid not seen her face two years ago, was very sure that she was the person who had saved him. She didn't even think of denying it. But it was useless to deny, two years ago, he indeed..

Mason was satisfied with her reaction. She squeezed herself closer to her again. "Your smell is unique and soul provoking. You said it was like a catalyst. I can't control myself."

"What You, you, you... " Bella was too angry to say a word. At the same time, all kinds of questions and surprise covered her mind!

"Don't tell me that you can't smell it." Mason let go of her and watched the expression on her face. The hedgehog suddenly became cuter, and anyone who saw it would feel his heart melted.

Thinking of what her grandma said, Bella felt like she had been cuckolded! If he was the only person could smell her special scent, she would rather spend the rest of her life alone!

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