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   Chapter 9 Introduce Her To His Parents

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Bella turned her back on them, trembling slightly

And she is the daughter of the Kevin Su! Bella was also that man's daughter, but she was just not recognized! Linda Su was one year younger than her and Rachel Yang was not her mother, which meant that it was Bella who was the eldest daughter of Kevin Su! Thinking about all these things, Bella felt extremely terrified. Each of them was like a sharp sword, cutting her throat.

Before she was thrown out of the Su family a few days ago, she thought that Linda Su was the only person who protected her in the Su family. Now..

In her eyes, Linda Su had always been a good girl, a soft and obedient little sister who could save her from trouble. And for the sake of Linda's care for her, every time she got into trouble, Bella would step forward and help her out! For her, Bella was beaten and cursed, while Linda was crying right next to them Bella took too many accusations for her, so she has no friends except Linda Su at school.

But now

"Mas... Mr. Mason, you Didn't you say that you would marry me? Why did you take another woman to try on your clothes? " Linda Su's voice brought Bella back to reality.

She frowned and thought to herself, "Will they get married?

Then what about her?

Mason glanced back at them, the arrogant and stubborn back, a sharp edge across his mouth, "Miss Su, I never said who I would marry. It's the matter between parents. It has nothing to do with me! "

Linda Su's face turned red and pale, as if she had been slapped. She looked at him with an innocent look and said, "Mr. Mason, I..."

Mason ignored her and walked towards Bella. "Let's go. We're running out of time."

Looking at that breathtaking back, Linda Su clenched her fists! She had thought that bond between the Su family and the Ye family would be the marriage between her and Mason. She didn't expect that Mason would be so cruel to her! Was the woman standing in front of him his girlfriend?

Did Mason marry her just to give her a place? Or maybe Mason didn't plan to marry her at all. They were just cheating on her?

'No, I can't give up. I must go home and ask mom what happened! Mason is the ultimate dream of many women. The Su family will be fine as long as she married to Mason.

"Mr. Mason, you can't..." Seeing that they had walked to the door, Linda Su chased after them.

"Go away!" Mason turned his head and glared at her fiercely!

"……" Linda Su stood still and looked at him in disbelief.

Bella's eyebrows were twisted together, but she didn't look back, because at this time, she was afraid that she couldn't help questioning her, or breaking the good things between the Su family and the Ye family, which would cause trouble to her.

She didn't push Mason away. Her heart tightened.

"What happened?" As soon as she got in the car, Bella shook off his hand, her delicate face was full of anger.

"What? Are you jealous?" Mason wasn't angry. He smiled and couldn't help reaching out to touch her soft hair.

"If you cooperate with me, what is the connection with the marriage she said! " Bella shouted and clenched her fists.

"You want to know? You'd better cooperate with me, and then we'll see the results. But don't worry. As long as you behave well, you won't suffer any losses. " Mason turned around and caught a glimpse of Linda who was running after the car. He touched his jaw with a meaning

ful look on his face. Things were getting more and more interesting.

"Why should I believe you?" Bella would not be so stupid to believe that such a cunning person would help her. What's more, he happened to appear after she was kicked out of her house!

In her eyes, Mason was the most dangerous person she could never trust!

"Everything that is touched by me is mine. Am I right to protect my woman?"

"You..." Bella was extremely mad. She had never seen such a shameless person!

Twenty minutes later, the car parked in front of a well built big villa. It looked a bit old, but it gave people a feeling that it was illusory. There were mountains and rivers in the villa, and she even saw a huge sculpture. What a moneybags!

"Here we are?" She clasped her hands nervously. Although they were not real boyfriend and girlfriend, she had never been in love and had never seen parents, which made her very nervous.

"Take it easy, trust me." Mason took her hand and felt the sweat in her palm. Although used to be a neat freak, he didn't feel uncomfortable.

"But I I... " She was wuss now.

Mason pointed at her nose and asked, "You've never been in love?"

Bella shrugged her shoulders subconsciously and turned around awkwardly, "Yes."

"……" Whether it was a surprise or an accident, Mason smiled with satisfaction. He pulled her into his arms and said, "Then I'll teach you."

"……" What did he just say?

Bella stared at the moody man blankly. What a gorgeous smile!

"Mr. Mason is back!" The servants saw Mason and bowed respectfully to him.

Soon, Mason's grandma appeared in the living room. Her grey hair was arranged carefully. She gazed at their tightly held-together hands and her mouth twisted into a smile.

The girl in front of her, dressed in a pink cheongsam, which outlined her perfect figure. It is perfect to match with crystal high heels. She had a small, delicate face with light make-up and a lovely smile. She looked like a lovely couple with her grandson, Mason!

Mason's grandmother always thought that no one deserved his grandson. After all, what kind of Lucy he used to be together is just a fancy style, so empty! She was so happy to meet such a beauty.

"Mason, who is she? Why don't you introduce her to me?" At the same time, her grandma held Bella's hand and looked at her granddaughter in law in perfect satisfaction. She looked up and down and nodded from time to time.

"Grandma, this is my girlfriend." He put his hand on Bella's waist and smiled happily.

"Hello, grandma." Bella pinched him on his waist, turned to take grandma's hands with a smile and called her sweetly.

"Come on, take a seat. I finally saw my granddaughter in law! " Granny smiled from ear to ear and asked Bella to sit down.

"What's your name?"

"Grandma, my name is Bella." Looking at her, Bella thought of her own grandma. She hadn't visited grandma recently.

"Oh, you are so beautiful. How old are you?" Grandma touched the back of Bella's hand and looked at her carefully. "Oh, you are so beautiful. Mason, I wait for you to bring a girlfriend, until my old bone is unable to support.

Mason's grandmother was so warm-hearted that she praised Bella over and over again, and was quite satisfied with her outfit.

Mason's parents got out of the room and sat on the couch. In fact, what he came here for today was to start the conversation first.

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