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   Chapter 8 The Enchanting Moment She Gave

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6760

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Bella jumped up from his lap and kept a distance from him. She looked a little embarrassed.

Mason laughed secretly, why was this woman so awkward?

"Come to my house and have dinner with me later." His words made people around him uneasy.

"What? To your home?" What was he doing in his house? Was he planning something?

"You don't have to ask. I have your full time now." Then he remembered something and added, "By the way, you have to pretend to be my girlfriend. Pay attention to your image."

"Mr. Mason! I refuse! " Thinking of the lipstick print this morning, she suddenly remembered something. "Don't you have a girlfriend? You want me to be your shield? No way!"

"If I had a girlfriend, why would I date with you?" Mason cast a scornful glance at her!

"Damn it! You don't have a girlfriend, and you even got a lipstick print on your cloth. Are there some shameful affairs? " Did he have some secret hobbies? Or did he just go out to have fun? But why didn't he have a girlfriend?

'Pervert! This deal was tricky! She had already lost her ladyship, she couldn't afford to lose more!

Mason's eyes darkened. He looked at Bella coldly and asked, "what lipstick print?"

Bella gave him a disdainful look and said, "well, there is a lipstick print on the shirt this morning. She must be a beauty. Why do you have to force me?"

Mason glared at her as if he would stare a hole into her body. She narrowed her eyes and thought about what had happened last night. She felt relieved and leaned back in the back seat.

"Anyway, you have no right to say no! I've sent someone to visit your grandma, and there will be a video call later. Stay with me in the following days, and don't go anywhere! " Recently, he had always been relaxed when approaching her. And his anxiety, which had troubled him for a long time, had not relapsed for a long time.

Whether it was her contribution or not, since it was related to the cooperation between the Su family and the Ye family, Bella had to stay with him. If someone attempted to take something from him, he wouldn't give it back even if he didn't like it!

She clenched her teeth and slammed her fist on the back seat angrily. She had to quit running away because of Mason! She had a lot of questions and puzzles, but she didn't want to ask Mason. Three days later, when she leaves Mason, she will understand!

Just when Bella was still in a sulk, car stopped at the door of Osna counter.

Bella had no interest in choosing clothes that were more expensive than gold, not to mention she was even forced to. So she just sat and waited for Mason to pick and try on.

"This is a video of your grandma. Do you like it?" When she was in a daze, Mason gave her the phone.

Bella checked in and found that her grandma was taken good care of in a high-end ward. In the video, grandma was chatting with a nurse happily.

Looking at grandma's kind face, Bella felt bad.

"Don't worry, your grandma is very good now, but your parents don't know that she is in the high-end ward, because they won't care. The people I sent brought news that your grandma was just taken to the hospital to take a glucose. Rachel Yang has never taken good care of her in these years. " Mason said calmly. He was touched, too. How could Bella be so stupid to believe that vicious woman.

Bella lowered her head and bit her li

ps tightly. Her eyes were blurred by tears, but she bore it back and didn't want Mason to see it.

She thought that... Grandma didn't tell her the truth. Although Rachel Yang treated her like that, Grandma always tell her to be filial to Rachel Yang!

She hated herself for getting to know the truth so late! She also hated her to be cheated by Rachel Yang and Linda Su for so many years!

Mason took his phone back from her hand so as not to be crushed.

"As long as you don't hurt my grandma, the rest things..." Wiping her tears, Bella stubbornly looked up at Mason.

Mason raised his hand and held her mouth with his index finger. He hooked his lips and smiled, "we can talk about everything else. Of course, I won't force you. "

"But the first two times you were both..." Su Mei was about to explode. She was forced in the first two times.

Mason knew what she was going to say. He patted her on the back and said, "I'll bear it."

"……" 'what a shameless man!'!

Mason withdrew his hand, but also with her cheek temperature.

He admitted that he forced her to have sex with him before. But he didn't know how to explain it to her. Although he thought she should take his undeserved gain for granted, he didn't expect that he should surrender to her after so many years' service!

When he had been with Lucy Bai, he had never experienced the most primitive impulse of a man to a woman.

'Maybe, this is the effect of the hormones.'. But when he heard the news from his assistant, Mark Liang, he decided to tie Bella to his side anyway!

Ten minutes later, Bella changed into a pink cheongsam with small floral pattern and white pattern, standing in front of Mason. She pulled the material at her waist unnaturally. It seemed that she was too slim. She had seen herself in the mirror. The cheongsam looked so.. It suited her perfectly! To be exactly, she was exactly in good shape.

His eyes lit up. The cheongsam fitted her perfectly, which was far more stunning than he imagined.

As a matter of fact, the reason why he chose the brand was Lucy. The only thing he wanted to see Lucy wearing was cheongsam. However, Lucy Bai didn't like it. She said that the cheongsam made her look old and dignified, and she didn't like to cater to his grandmother's taste.

"It's great. Grandma will like it." A strange light streaked across his eyes. She was shy unexpectedly. She didn't expect her figure to be so good?

The good curve, under the decoration of the cheongsam, caught a glimpse..

Bella restrained her embarrassment and walked around in front of the mirror. Then she walked out indifferently and said, "it must be made for others. It suits me so well. I am really a qualified substitute."

A look of disappointment appeared on his face. "I didn't do it for anyone. I did it for my ideal person. I didn't expect you to wear it just fine ." He didn't plan clothes for Lucy for a long time because she didn't like them at all.

"Mr. Mason! Mr. Mason, didn't expect to meet you here! " As Bella turned around to pack her clothes, a familiar voice came.

Standing still, Mason glared at her unpleasantly and asked, "Who are you?"

"Oh, I'm Linda Su, the daughter of Kevin Su!" Linda Su looked at Mason shyly. Her face was red and her whole body was happy and nervous. This was the person she liked the most and the ideal husband.

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