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   Chapter 7 Special Treatment

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Mason walked her to the car with Bella in his arms. "Don't worry. She gave you seven days to prepare. It's still early."

Bella stopped and glared at him. "Shame on you! Why do you treat me like this?"

He pushed her into the car roughly, lowered his head and smiled, "I don't know. Maybe, it is pleasant to smell you!"

"You!" She clenched her teeth and said, "it's my bad luck!" She didn't know why Mason could smell the special smell on her.

Bella heard from her grandma that she had a charming scent, which could only be smelled by the right person. She didn't know why, but she could also smell a light fragrance on her body, and it was a little thicker when she sweated, but it was not the same as what grandma said.

Damn it! In the past few days, Mason was like a dog. Every time he saw her, he would get close to her and sniff her. He laughed so hard that it looked like she was going to die.

'why did grandma say so? Most people don't have special smell.'. Or she doesn't know yet. Only the right person can smell. '

Seeing that she was in a daze, Mason turned his head to look at her in a lazy manner. "Stay there. A good show will be on in a few days."

Bella sneered, "Okay, I'll wait!"

It was just seven days. She had been wronged for so many years. It was not a big deal to have three or four days. Ten years is not too late for a gentleman to revenge!

The driver took a look at Mason and wondered where they were going.

"Let's go. To the company. " He liked to smell her, but he didn't dare to come too close.

Along the way, he looked back quietly. The sunlight fell on her cheeks, and the fluffy feeling made him feel like his heart was caught by a cat.

The pleasant smell was like something he was addicted to. He always wanted to get close to her. Subconsciously, he moved closer to her. As he approached her, he found himself unable to calm down.

For so many years, he had been very restrained and had nothing to do with other women, but at this time, he smelled the smell of her body, looked at her quiet face, blushed and beat. For the first time, Mason rolled his eyes at the seat of the car.

He loosened his tie, rolled down the window and took a deep breath. He was flustered because of a girl.

Bella didn't want to see him. Neither of them spoke, just looking at the scenery outside the window.

Finally, he arrived at the company. He got out of the car and the driver stayed in the car with Bella.

"Mr. Liu, take good care of her," After that, he went to the company building.

She wondered who the man was and why he was so arrogant to ask her to work with him. What benefit could he get from it?

Bella looked out of the window. The building was the most eye-catching landmark of L City. Only the most powerful company would be here. She didn't know much about it, but she knew that Mason had a strong background.

"What does Mr. Mason do, master?" Out of curiosity, she casually asked the driver sitting in the front, who was playing his mobile phone.

The driver Mr. Liu looked at this beautiful and pure girl from the rear-view mirror. It turned out that she didn't know Mr.Mason. It seemed that Mr. Mason liked this kind of girl who was without a purpose and could win his heart. He didn't miss the way Mr. Mason looked at this girl, it is... His face flushed crimson with nervousness. As a man, it was highly possible that Mr.Mason fell in love.

"Since you haven't got his answer yet, he will definitely tell you his ident

ity at the right time. I can see that he cares about you very much, so I don't dare to tell you without his permission. Please forgive me." He had worked for Mason for several years, so he knew how to comfort her.

Mr. Liu was curious about where Mr. Mason met such a girl. She always felt cold and had a strong sense of self-esteem It can be seen from Bella's expression of disdain and loss when she felt her famous brand clothes uneasily.

Mr. Liu nodded and sighed, "Interesting!" He wondered whether the woman would be Mrs. Mason. After all, Mr. Mason was not easy to get along with a woman and be so considerate. The girlfriend who disappeared for two years had not been treated in such gentle and domineering way. Mr. Mason was more careful to protect his self-esteem with her.

"Knock, knock, knock!" Suddenly someone knocked on the car window. A stylish beauty looked at the driver and asked with a smile, "Has Mr. Mason gone to the company?"

"Hello, Miss Yang! Yes, Mr. Mason has just gone upstairs. " The driver answered seriously. She was really a hard nut to crack. She asked to see Mr. Mason every day, even got her father involved recently.

With a big smile on her face, she was about to get in the car. But when she turned around, the smile on her face disappeared all of a sudden. Pointing at Bella in an unfriendly tone, she asked, "who is she? Why is there a woman in Mason's car?"

The driver stunned. He looked back at the beautiful woman on the back seat and said, "Oh, this is..."

"I'm their nanny. I take a cab by the way." Bella looked at the beautiful woman with a smile, trying to avoid misunderstanding and embarrassment.

With a disdainful look on her face, Miss Yang walked away.

"Please don't mind. She is just..." The driver turned around and explained.

Bella smiled. "It doesn't matter." If she still mind such a small thing, her life would be in vain for so many years.

Who knows, the ten minutes that Mason said stretched to forty minutes, and Bella fell asleep in the back seat.

Mason opened the car door gently and sat beside her. He looked at the driver and said, "Liu Jiang."

The driver nodded and started the car. He asked in a low voice, "where are we going?"

"Go to Osna." He looked back at Bella gently. Finally, there was a suitable person to go there with.

Hearing the location, Mr. Liu almost stepped on the brake by accident!

"Osna" was a brand belonging to Feiyang Group, a low-key yet high-end luxury brand with a special reputation and a sense of mystery. Each year, the total output was strictly limited, and the limited production of clothes and shoes was just to keep the brand alive and never to think about sales.

As a result, there waas a popular saying in the upper class circle that Osna is the most proud luxury brand. If any woman can own one, she would be the focus and target of conversation in the place where she appeared. Because it meant that she had a certain relationship with the president of Feiyang Group, Mason, a new generation of mall killer.

'Go to Osna? Few women had been taken to there like this, not to mention Mr. Mason took to there in person!

Judging from the current situation, it seemed that Mrs. Bella might be of great importance to Mr. Mason.

As far as he knew, Mr. Mason would go to the Ye family's old house tonight. Would he bring her to meet parents?

At that moment, Bella woke up. She didn't know when she was lying in the arms of Mason and sleeping on his legs.

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