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   Chapter 6 Take Her To Hospital

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7175

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If it were in the past, Bella would think that Rachel Yang, as her mother, accepted her because she wanted Bella to receive a good education. But now, Bella is the thorn in the flesh of Rachel Yang's eye, and Rachel Yang is desperate to get rid of her. If Rachel Yang has no purpose, how can Bella live until now. What were they waiting for?

Thinking of that, Bella frowned tightly. Her previous hope for Rachel Yang turned to despair and fear.

"You'll know soon. But if you leave here now, I can't guarantee your grandma's safety!" Mason stood up and added casually.

"Mr. Mason, you're threatening me!" Bella stood up from the chair and shouted!

"You think so, I have no objection." He turned around, smiled with satisfaction, and disappeared at the staircase.

Bella clenched her teeth and waited for him. She didn't expect to wait for half an hour. He went downstairs to change his clothes. There were still water drops on his hair. It seemed that he had taken a shower.

Her anger was almost cooled down, but it didn't mean that she had to cooperate obediently.

"Can you cook?" The topic was changed so fast that the lines she had prepared were killed in the bud.

"Of course not. What's the matter?" She raised her eyebrows and wanted to know what trick he was playing.

In fact, Bella was good at cooking. When they were in the countryside, grandma's cooking was well-known. Of course she was not too bad.

"From now on, it's your duty to cook. It depends on your performance. If I'm not satisfied, I can't promise you that I won't intervene in your grandma's matter and what Rachel Yang plans to do next! " Mason picked up the coffee sent by May and said casually, as if they were talking about easy things such as watering flowers today.

"Mr. Mason! Don't go too far! " Bella stood up and stared at him with her fists clenched.

"If you can't do that, I will call someone to kick your grandma out of the hospital." Then he took out his phone carelessly.

Bella clenched her teeth and squeezed two words, "OK!"

And don't go anywhere without my permission. From now on, your time belongs to me, or you know the consequence! " He turned his head and looked at her, unable to hide his good mood.

"Of course!" She almost went berserk, but she had to agree all conditions for her grandma!

With a light smile, Mason was in a good mood. He stood up, walked to the couch, grabbed his coat and said, "Could you go somewhere with me later? Do you have time?"

It's What a bully? He had just said that her time was all up to him. Now he came to ask for her opinion! She really wanted to beat him!

But Bella didn't expect that she was taken to hospital.

Moreover, it's the department of skin injury. Because of those scars, Mason insisted on bringing her here. In fact, she had already been accustomed to such injuries.

This was a private hospital. They went directly to a clinic. The doctor asked her to take off the clothes and lie on the bed.

Bella shouted at him. "It's none of your business!"

But Mason said with a broad smile, "Don't be shy. I have seen before." At his words, Bella's face turn red immediately.

The young woman doctor smiled and said, "That's right. Don't be shy in front of your boyfriend. Just let him turn around."

Bella is upset. Crappy boyfriend! 'I didn't expect that Mr. Mason is such a pervert. Men can't be fooled by appearance.'.

"The consequence!" He reminded her in a good mood.

Bella stepped on his foot, but turned around as he said. Angrily, she lay on her stomach on the bed and took

off her coat for the doctor to check.

"Hiss!" The young female doctor took a deep breath.

She had many scars on her back. Seeing the new and old scars piling up on her back, Mason's heart skipped a beat. It was the first time he saw a girl with such horrifying scars on the back. Two times in the darkness, controlled by hormones, he didn't pay attention to her back and didn't know that she had been hurt so badly!

He walked to the bedside and asked in an extremely angry tone, " Rachel Yang did it? If Bella is her own daughter, will she be so cruel? "

"……" Tears in her eyes, Bella buried her head in her arms. She finally realized how silly she had been!

When she was a child, she was told by some neighbor's children that she was not her mother's biological daughter. So she had a fight with others. At that time, she was still in grandma's countryside house and cried to call her mother, but was dismissed by Rachel Yang easily.

Over years, she always thought that they were estranged because of not living together. In addition, the fortune teller said that she will bring bad luck to father's wealth, that's why she was not liked by many people. Now she understood that Rachel Yang not only dislike her, but saw her as a thorn in the flesh!

Mason clenched fists as he watched the doctor dealing with the wound on her back. He frowned. It was the first time that he felt so sorry for a woman. The scent from her body became stronger and stronger, pulling him back to reality.

Why was there such a unique fragrance in her? Although he is talented and sensitive to taste and sound from an early age, he has never encountered such a special taste. It seemed that the more emotional she was, the stronger the fragrance she gave off.

With hesitation, he asked the doctor in a low voice, "Doctor, can scars on her body be healed?"

"Mr. Mason, of course, I can. But the longer it takes, more pain she has to bear..." It was supposed to hack the scars, and then heal them with medicine. She had to suffer a lot because of the complicated wounds.

Bella felt bitter in her heart. She stared at Mason with glassy eyes and said, "I don't care about it at all. If you really want me to remove these things, you just think I'm not good enough, do you? "

"Yes, it is!"

"……" She closed her eyes, 'fine!

Ignoring Bella, Mason turned to the doctor and asked, "Are you sure we can make it after a while ?"

""Yes, but it 's better not to drag this scar for a long time. Young skin will heal in a shorter time. If it 's a long time, the chance of healing will be smaller.." The doctor saw such a good-looking girl, but her back was full of scars. The scars that always staggered are obviously caused by long-term violence. Every girl wanted her back to be smooth and beautiful.

Bella gritted her teeth. She didn't want anyone else to pity her, not to mention this man who had a deep hatred with her!

Outside the hospital, all she was thinking about was how to go back and find out the truth.

"Where are we going?" Mason grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into his arms.

Bella raised her hand and was about to slap him. But she was stopped by Mason. He put her hands behind her back and looked into her eyes.

He smiled. Her scent could always make people feel wonderful. The thought of her back made him feel sorry.

"I am warning you, don't be insatiable! Don't stop me visiting my grandma, or I won't cooperate with you! " She struggled angrily, but his hand was too strong. The more she struggled, the closer he got to her face.

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