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   Chapter 5 The Su Family's Purpose

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Since Bella was about ten years old, she left grandmother's countryside house and came to Kevin Su's villa. Bella seemed to have fallen into a nightmare and couldn't wake up. Numerous feather dusters fell on her, and her mother twisted her arms and thighs with her hands, and sometimes hit her with various large objects and sharp objects.

So her body is scarred except for her face

Mason's deep eyes flashed ruthlessly. He sat on the ground and picked her up, wrapped her arms around her, chin against her head and rubbed her hair. "Cry, you will feel better.

Bella slammed his chest with her fist. He also contributed his share. They are all bad person and make her suffer! Her eyes reddened. She bit his arm!

Mason shook her head. "What? Are you a dog?"

"Son of a bitch! You are a liar! How could she is not my mother... Then my father... "

"Your last name is su I'll explain it to you later! " Afraid that she would bite him again, Mason covered her mouth with his hand.

Bella burst into tears. She shook her head and then sobbed, "no!"

She couldn't bear such a blow. She had suffered too much for so many years. She just wanted to express her feelings with tears. She cried all the time. She didn't stop crying until a long time passed.

After she stopped crying, she calmed down and slowly organized her mind, thinking about what had happened before.

She wiped her tears and stood up. "Give me the evidence to prove that I'm not her biological daughter," she said, reaching out her hand, looking at Mason

Mason folded arms across his chest and raised his eyebrows. "You're not a fool! Ask your grandma. She knows everything. "

Looking at him in a light cloud, Bella's heart sank to the bottom. So what he said was true. All her former doubts and speculations were true. Besides, she didn't expect that her grandma knew the truth.

No wonder her grandma was so kind to her and Rachel Yang had never called her grandma mum, she even said something evil to grandma!

She sneered, covering her face on the sofa. It was really hard for her father.

"Go to bed now. We'll talk tomorrow." Mason was not in a hurry. Now that she knew it, it was easy. He just needed to wait for her to beg him.

At this moment, his phone rang. He looked at Bella and turned around to answer the phone.

Then Bella took the opportunity to run out of the bedroom, picked up her stuff and randomly found a bedroom. She was so drowsy last night that she slept for so long in his bedroom.

Mason picked up the phone and looked at the screen with cold eyes.

"Boss, she's back!" It sounded like something terrible had happened.

"……" Mason's eyes were wide with shock. He frowned and asked in a low voice, "what did you say?"

Since he didn't understand what his boss meant, Mark Liang lowered his voice and repeated cautiously, "Boss, Lucy Bai wants to see you. She has called me more than ten times. I had no choice... " He could feel that his boss was getting angry.

"Got it." He said nothing more than a simple response.

"Well, do you need me to send her phone number?" They cut off contact with each other two years ago. As long as Mason didn't want to see her, Lucy Bai couldn't find him.

He and Lucy Bai had known each other for years. If she really wanted to find him, she didn't need to make so many phone calls. How could Lucy Bai not know his address?

He hung up the phone, changed his coat and walked out.

Then he ordered the maid May, "Take good care of her. She maybe not obedient, keep an eye on her for me."

Seeing the grave expression

on Mason's face, May nodded seriously and said, "I know."

Hearing the sound of car driving, Bella came over to the window. She rested her chin on her hand and asked, "It's late. Where can he go?"

Because of weakness, coupled with crying, sleepiness hit again.

Was it a good chance for her? Bella was overjoyed. She turned around and packed her stuff, preparing to run away.

"Miss Bella, it's so late. Why don't you go to bed? Mr. Mason asked me to take care of you! " May appeared at the door respectfully and blocked her way.

"You..." Bella glared at her. She didn't expect that he would know that she planned to run away.

May smiled. "You'd better have a rest now. Mr. Mason knows that you will escape. I forgot to tell you. This is Mr. Mason's private house and has a perfect security system. "

"……" Bella was speechless. What else could she say?

Since escape didn't work, she would wait until he came back and continue to settle accounts with him!

She woke up again because of the sound of the car coming back.

Bella's eyes darkened, dressed neatly, and came to the living room.

When she was about to leave, May walked up to her with a smile. "Miss Bella, Mr. Mason asked you to wait for him to come back."

"……" This guy, he got an ace up his sleeve and let a maid watch me!

She waited for him while she was having breakfast. The car was not here, which meant he had not come back yet. It was pretty normal that Mason didn't come back for a whole night.

When she finished her breakfast, Mason came back.

Bella looked up and saw the red mark on his shirt. It must be a woman's lipstick mark. There was also a faint smell of perfume. It was obvious that he had met other women.

Bella smiled secretly and got an idea in her heart.

Noticing the hesitant look in her eyes, Mason said gently, "wait for me."

She lightly avoided his hand and smiled coldly, "You think too much. I have to go. Thank you for taking care of me these two days."

"You want to leave?" His lips curved into a nice smile, and a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes, but it disappeared in a second. "I'm not that easy to deal with. I want to thank you for what you have actually done."

"What do you want?" Bella glared at him. All Men were bad. He made out with other women while asking her to be his girlfriend. Even if she intended to sell herself to someone, she would not choose such a person.

"Of course, be my girlfriend!" He curled his lips, but the smile did not reach his eyes. He took off his coat, threw it on the chair and sat beside her.

"I can't give you what you want!" She closed her eyes because she didn't want to see him and smell the woman's perfume on him.

"That's not hurry. I can give your grandma the best medical condition. She was only suffering from diseases got when she was young. It's not a fatal disease." He took off his tie and unbuttoned the first button, revealing his beautiful collarbone.

"I'll find a job and provide good medical treatment for my grandma! So, thank you for your kindness! "

Mason casually put her hand on her shoulder and gave her a wicked smile. "Do you know why your stepmother wants you to go back?"

"You..." Bella glared at him with fire in her eyes!

But now she was aware that she could do anything since she was not the biological daughter of Rachel Yang. She hated Bella so much that she wanted to throw her out of the Su family, but she still kept her until now. With Rachel Yang 's personality and her father's weakness, Bella might not have been received by Su's family at all.

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