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   Chapter 4 She Is Not My Biological Mother

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"Where are you going?" He stood up as fast as he could and stopped in front of her, blocking her way.

"Of course I'm leaving. Do you think I can stay here and be bullied by you again?" She had planned to leave tomorrow morning anyway as it was dark, but now she really didn't want to get involved with him anymore. He was a total scumbag who would eat people to the bone!

"If you go outside now, there are many homeless guys on the street to make you cry!" His indifferent voice made Bella tremble with fear!

"…" He was right. She was a penniless woman. If she met some bad guy who was strong, it could be a fatal.

Just then, Bella's phone rang again.

It was her mom. 'Why does she call me at this time? Is she worried about me and wants me back?'

Bella was delighted and answered the phone with pleasure. Although she hit her very hard, she was still her mother after all.


"Don't call me mom! Who is your mom? How dare you snatch your sister's boyfriend? Do you still have the nerve to call me mom?" Rachel's roar rained down on her ruthlessly.

"I didn't... I did not snatch..." Bella bit her lips and wondered why her mother always believed her sister's words, and not hers at all.

"I will decide how to punish you for this case later! Did your grandma call you?" Rachel interrupted her impatiently.

"Yes, mom. What's wrong?" Bella replied, confused.

"What's wrong? You are very filial, right? She is ill and needs to stay in hospital. Do you know that?" The sarcastic smile of Rachel hurt Bella. Anyway, her grandmother was her mom's mother. Why is there so much hatred between her mother and her grandma?

"Mom..." She held back her tears. It was not the first time that she had been crying like this.

"Don't call me mom! We've sent someone to take your grandma to hospital. You need to reflect on yourself in these days. Don't complain to your grandma. Go back home by yourself a week later!" Hearing Bella call her mom. Rachel got even angrier

Bella bit her lower lip and a drop of tear fell beside her toes and disappeared.

"Thank you..." After all, Rachel had made her grandma stay hospital.

"If you don't come back, nobody will take care of your grandma!" For fear that Bella would be disobedient, Rachel mentioned the thing she feared most.

"Sure, sure. I'll be there as you asked. Please help to save my grandma!" Bella begged anxiously. In the world, only her grandma could love her. Every time when her grandma was sick and hospitalized, her mother would ask her to pay all kinds of costs. She didn't know why her mother treated her own mother like that. Was it because she hadn't been good to her when she was a child? Just like how she was treating her now?

Bella still wanted to say something, but she found that Rachel had already hung up.

Holding the phone in her hand, she was in an extremely awkward position. She wanted to cry out loud, but as she saw Mason standing not far away, who also hang up the phone just now, she held her tears back harshly.

The latter reached out to wipe off the tears from the corner of her eyes, but she dodged.

He put his hand in the pocket and looked at her with something complicated in his eyes. "Are you from the Su family?"

Bella looked up in surprise. "How.... How did you know that?" Would he look down upon her as the illegitimate daughter as others did?

"It's easy as long as I want to know." He looked at the horror in her eyes and felt depressed.

She turned her head away. It was true that money could do everything, let alone to get some unimportant information.

"You don't have to be forced to do anything, or don't have to worry about grandma's medical fee, if you are

together with me." He told her his requirement slowly and clearly, waiting for her response.

Bella looked up and stared at him. Her eyes were restive, and became fierce at that moment. But soon her eyes dimmed. She said in a hoarse voice, "you've made a thorough investigation!"

"That's right. Now that you are a member of the Su family, I'm more interested." When Bella didn't stare at him, there was something strange in his eyes, but it quickly disappeared.

Bella turned her face away. After a long time, she said calmly, "Now that you have investigated, you should know that I am not recognized by anyone, and soon I will not be the daughter of the Su family. What good can it do to you? Unless you have a grudge against the Su family, so you want to see the Su family in danger! " Speaking of that, she looked at him in horror. By her speculation, if it was true, then she... Was her accident a conspiracy from the very beginning?

"Well, I don't have that much time. But I really want to help you. After all, you are my girl. And I will not allow my girl to be used by others. Moreover, even if it weren't for me, you wouldn't be able to escape such a solution. There was a deal between the Su family and the Ye family. I didn't expect you to show up at this time. Of course I wouldn't miss the chance." He sat on the sofa, glancing at her as if he could read her mind easily. He looked like he was sure that he can do it.

"What do you mean?" Bella was not stupid. She knew what he meant!

"Do you know why they always drive you away, but haven't removed you from the Su family's household register? You must have been hit by your mother as you have so many wounds on your body. Have you ever thought that they keep you for other reasons? " Mason said calmly. She raised her head to look into Mason's eyes helplessly. He did not bear to look back at her eyes.

Bella trembled with fear. Her family was going to make use of her? How was that possible? What made her so useful?

Recalling the past, Bella shook her head bitterly. "No, you are wrong. It's definitely because I'm their child. Even if they don't like me, I'm still their child! They won't make use of me. They won't..." In the end, she was unable to defend herself. She knew very well that over the years, she was inferior to a nanny in the Su family.

She didn't dare to admit it, nor did she dare to think about it. The Su family kept her only because they could push her forward when it was needed. The Su family was facing bankruptcy. The only effective way was to find a strong backing to resolve the crisis.

"Whose parents would hate their children so much that they even show no mercy to hurt the body of their child?" Mason pointed at her back. There were a mass of shocking scars that were made whether two years ago or last night. The scars were always interlaced, making people shudder.

Mason told her ruthlessly, "You are not Rachel's biological daughter at all. Your grandma is not her mother. There is no need for Rachel to be nice to your grandma." He had just received a call from Mark and learned the truth. The content of the call she received further verified that the news was true.

Bella pushed him away, slipped and fell to the ground carelessly. She burst out to cry at once!

"No! No, it's not true. How could I not be my mom's biological daughter?" Scenes that had happened emerged in her mind as she curled up on the floor! Tears ran down her cheeks, into her mouth, and tasted bitter.

"No!" She shook her head weakly and said in disbelief, "You are lying..."

Over the years, she doubted more than once that weather she was only a girl that her mother had picked up from the roadside!

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