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   Chapter 2 A Friendly Enemy

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"My teacher didn't feel well today, so he asked me to take his place. I'm sorry that I didn't inform you sooner." He bowed his head respectfully. He was a young doctor, so he was already used to first introductory hostilities, especially from those who initially doubted his abilities.

"Okay," Mason reluctantly agreed, opening the door.

However, instead of the initial thought of leaving her alone with the doctor, Mason followed him all the way up to the bedroom.

Just one glance at the woman in the bed, the doctor finally understood why Mason had been acting so cautiously. He'd never seen such a stunner before. She had delicate facial features, looking like a nymph who'd just been drawn from the lake. She looked so frail as well, looking as if one wrong move, and he might be able to break her arms.

The doctor turned away from the woman, once he felt Mason's glare behind his back.

Without another word, he went on to work. He placed her on the drip as soon as possible. Since taking her temperature required close contact, it was usually Mason who did it. The doctor had never thought that he'd be handing a female patient in Mason's house. Maybe next time it would be more logical for him to send for a female doctor.

Bella lazily blinked her eyes, seeing her mother in a dazed state. She reached out to grab Manson's hand. "Mommy," she said hoarsely. "Don't go."

Stunned, Mason glanced at her tender fingers wrapped around his wrist and then at her knitted eyebrows. After some hesitation, he held her hand and gently touched her forehead.

Bella couldn't help but snuggle into the hand that held her forehead.

Seeing her rubbing against his palm, Mason froze in sight.

The moment the doctor saw Mason's smitten face, he turned and left the room as fast as he could.

If he stayed any longer, he'd lose his job.

Sitting beside her, Mason wiped her tears and gazed at her lovingly.

The last time she met him was two years ago, and he had sex with her in the darkness. And she showed up the very same night he came out to search for her.

It seemed that the faiths were on his side. Bella was unique to him, and he couldn't help but love her for it. It seemed that the time they spent away had only given him more time to fall for her.

When Mason entered his company, his assistant, Mark Liang, was confused. He couldn't help but notice how happy his boss was. He was about to ask him why, but he immediately restrained himself.

"Bella Su," Mason said in a low voice. "Find out what you can about her. The more, the better."

Raising his eyebrows, Mark Liang smiled. "Sure, boss. Last night, you... "

When Mason raised his gaze, all emotions disappeared. "Are you curious?"

"No, it's just that... you've never really..."

"It's important. I just want to know her as soon as possible. How's my brother?" He later admitted of his feelings for the woman to avoid any misunderstanding between him and Mark Liang.

Mark Liang knew what Mason meant.

"He's still in a coma. Mrs. Ye has been urging us to find out the si

tuation in the Su Family." Mark looked Mason up and down, noticing that he seemed different today.

From years of working with Mason, he knew for a fact that Mason's mother didn't like Mason, especially after her little son's accident. She'd always hold more prejudice against him. Mark couldn't help but feel bad for the man. It wasn't Mason's fault that his brother got into the accident.

However, Mason was never really much of a family man. In fact, some had said, he was different from all the other kids when they were little.

Mason's eye twitched. The company of the Su family was already a mess, but now that his mother messed it up even more, he had to get involved. However, something told him he needed to tread cautiously.

"Go investigate on Bella first. Don't worry about other matters." Mason didn't have to prioritize people who never took him seriously anyway.

He left the company soon after. Mark couldn't even believe it. His eyes widened. Of all the years he'd worked with Mason, it was the first time he'd seen him leave so early!

Had his boss really fallen in love with her?

The person that Mason had been thinking for so long...

Mark shook his head. If there was something that he knew, it was that he needed to mind his own business.

Back home, Mason put on his slippers and went to the bedroom. Seeing that Bella was still asleep, he didn't disturb her. He gently took her temperature and sat quietly.

Mason didn't really have the chance to get a good look at her last time when she ran away. Just seeing her in front of him, he thought that God might be real. It felt good to have such a beauty with him.

Bella woke up and slept again, feeling too weak to actually get up. As she felt uncomfortable all over, she knew better what an inferior person she was in the Su family.

She never cried about the incident, but just looking back into it, she wanted to.

"Pl– Please don't do this," she begged but to no avail.

Her mother, Rachel Yang, only hit her hard with a feather duster. She was much more ferocious in Bella's dream. She yelled out a series of curse words as she tried to scratch her daughter right on the cheek.

"Mommy, I didn't... I really didn't! I didn't steal my sister's boyfriend," Bella murmured. However, it felt as if the words had died in her lips.

She woke up crying,

looking back to the events that had transpired yesterday.

"Don't cry. I believe you didn't." Bella froze at the sound,

pretending not to have heard it.

"Are you awake?" Mason sat at the edge of the bed. "It's time to have dinner. You've slept the entire day. Your fever's gone, so you'd be fine after another day's rest." Noticing that she clenched her fists, he knew she had already awaken. He reached over and stroke her hair.

Bella gritted her teeth, not wanting to face him.

"It's getting dark. You must be hungry." He tried again, smirking when her stomach growled in response.

She blushed, a hand touching her stomach as his breath now fanned the back of her neck.

"Honey, it's time to eat."

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