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   Chapter 378 Someone Took Her Away

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"Hey, hey..."

Angela was dragged all the way back to the seat and forced to sit in the middle.

Clifford suggested the one who lost the game should drink. Angela had no choice but to accompany her. She seldom went to the bar to drink, and she didn't know much about these games.

After several rounds, she finally figured out the rules of the game, but she had already lost and drunk several glasses of wine. Angela was a very focused and competitive person. As she was gradually brought into the game, she forgot the purpose of this time here for a moment and only wanted to win!

Clifford and the other two women were very familiar with the game, and only she was unfamiliar with it, so she was at a great disadvantage. After dozens of rounds, she had already been poured with two bottles of wine.

She didn't come to her senses until she felt hot on her face and lost her concentration.

"Ha-ha-ha... You lost this time!" one of the woman shouted at her colleague.

"I will drink!" the other woman said, "Mr. Clifford provides us such good wine. The winner is the loser to drink!"

"You are right!" the first woman echoed, "The wine is so expensive. I'd better lose a few more rounds! Miss Angela, you must have lost to us on purpose! You want to drink the good wine!"

While the two women were talking, Angela felt something was wrong. Feeling that the alcohol effect was so strong, she stood up nervously and said, "I... I need to go to the bathroom!"

Fortunately, at that time, she could still think that he might not let her leave so easily so she said that she had to go to the bathroom.

"Where are you going?"

Then Clifford put his hand on the back of her hand. He didn't allow her to open the door!

"I need to go to the bathroom!" she explained, but in her heart, she wanted to slip away!

Clifford looked at the toilet in the box room and said, "There is a toilet here!"

How could she forget that there was also a bathroom in this room? In this case, her reason was not enough strong!

"Oh! I want to make a phone call by the way!"

Under the effect of alcohol, she still knew how to cope with the situation. Since she became the president of the DC Capital Group, she was more and more good at fooling people!

Her heart was pounding, fearing that he would find out her lie and not let her out. But this time, he let her go.

"Mr. Clifford, please wait for a moment. I'll make sure you will drink after I finish the phone call!" In fact, Angela was not unwilling to submit. Clifford hadn't drunk a glass of wine in dozens of rounds! He had not lost a single game!

She said that only to make him not doubt her.

Angela walked out of the room and turned a corner before leaning against the wall. She felt that her vision was a little blurry. The waiter passing by w

t know which room she is in, and she didn't answer the phone. Does her phone run out of power?"

Lesley was so anxious that she didn't know where to go! Angela was not here, nor was she there!

"Don't worry!" Aaron grabbed her and asked, "What the hell is going on?"

After Lesley told him what had happened, he asked, "Is it possible that something has happened to her recently and she hasn't told you?"

"She told me everything! Why didn't she tell me something? What is it?" Suddenly, she thought of something and blurted out, "Oh, right! Clifford! It must be Clifford Fu!"

She knew that how that man could let them go so easily!

Seeing that she was about to run to find Clifford, he pulled her and said, "Wait a minute! I have his phone number!"

After all, this Angela was the wife of his dead nephew, and everyone in the Yan family knew that she swore to be loyal to Moo moo, Edward. If something happened, it was still unknown that Angela herself could accept it or not. His sister and brother-in-law didn't like Angela at all, and he was afraid that she would have a hard time! Aaron analyzed as he dialed the number.

In the private room, when Angela came out of the room, Clifford didn't smile anymore, but sat on the chair with a gloomy expression. Seeing him like this, one of the women came over, boldly sat on his thighs, and put her hands around his neck.

"Mr. Clifford..." the woman approached him and whispered in his ear.

But he sat still and said coldly, "Get down."

The woman was stunned.

This man was kind just now. It seemed that he was so easy to deal with! Why did he suddenly change into another person?

At the thought of his generosity, the woman not only didn't get down of him, but also put herself against him closely.

Suddenly, the woman was pushed down from his body and fell to the ground. She screamed, "Ah..."

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