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   Chapter 377 The Things To Do Together By Man And Woman

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Uneasy and guilty, Lesley whispered in Angela's ear, "If something bad happens, just shout. I'm at the door."

When there were only two people left in the office, Clifford went to lock the door.

Thinking of the day before, he locked the door with the same smile and then tried to rape her, Angela couldn't help feeling nervous.

He came back and said, "This incident has greatly damaged the reputation of WR Group and me! That's a great deal!"

WR Group was indeed affected, but he was a dissolute man. Did he have any reputation?

However, she could only lower her head and apologize, "I'm sorry, and I feel also very guilty!"

He stared at her for a few seconds and then sat back on the sofa with his legs crossed. "But you were just on an impulse, and... Your apologizing attitude is good..."

Hmm... Sure enough, it was right to take the initiative to apologize!

"Lesley doesn't know the rules of the business circle, she only thinks that Mr. Clifford is just an ordinary friend so she just played a prank. Fortunately, you are broad-minded!" Angela tried to put in a good word for her friend.

It was her usual way to flatter others.

"Hmm... That's weird." Clifford frowned. "Miss Zhang and I have only met once, if you say friend..."

Not really!

He continued, "Besides, I'm not a broad-minded man!"

He didn't say it clearly, but Angela knew what he meant. She quickly said, "It's my fault. Yesterday, I asked my friend to send me clothes, and she thought I was... I was bullied by you! I didn't explain it clearly, so my friend vented her anger on you!"

After all, Clifford still took advantage of his power to bully others!


So it's not Miss Lesley's fault, but yours?" He raised his eyebrows again.

"Yes! It's my fault! It has nothing to do with her!" She always felt it wrong that Clifford was pulling her into a trap step by step! But she couldn't refuse him. She just hoped that he would settle it privately for the sake of cooperation!

"It's really your fault!" he said. "Sorry! But Mr. Clifford, What do you want from me to compensate you?" She frowned and had a bad feeling that Clifford wouldn't give up so easily!

Clifford stared

lled out. He looked at Angela, frowned and said seriously, "You see, I'm picky. I've told you this."

As he spoke, he looked at her unscrupulously.

She really wanted to slap him!

However, she was also very embarrassed and upset. "Alas! It's normal for an excellent man like you to be picky!"

She thought to herself, 'Bah!'

"Nowadays," he said, "It's not that I don't like them. It's just that when a man and a woman do something together, they have to be with mutual agreement!"

Angela was speechless.

Was it really good for a man to talk about bed experience to a woman who had already had children?

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She continued, "As long as you don't mind, there are many women in the world who are willing to sleep with you!"

Clifford's face softened and said, "Alas! I will resign myself to take these two."

Seeing that he finally chose the two women, Angela showed her excitement that she hadn't seen for a long time. "Okay! Thank you! Great!"

However, she only knew that she had finally fulfilled her task, but she didn't notice that Clifford peeked at her expression, nor did she notice that his eyes darkened.

"Mr. Clifford, you can order whatever you want to drink! I'm leaving you to enjoy yourself here now!" Angela said enthusiastically and was about to go out.

However, as soon as she put her hand on the door handle, she was caught by him. "How can it be fun to be only our three persons? You should come too!"

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