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   Chapter 347 What Am I Sorry For The Yan Family

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Of course, Angela couldn't fight against the power of the Yan Family, but she couldn't accept it if she had to give up the custody of her child. Anyway, it was impossible for him to let go of her child. Although she was not sure, she plucked up the courage to raise her head and look into Jonson's eyes.

"I don't object to let Eden going back to the Yan family, but I can't give up the custody of him!"

There were two kinds of women Jonson met until now. One was the woman who liked him, and the other was the woman who hated him. But no matter which kind of woman was somewhat afraid of him. However, Angela was neither of them. How dare she negotiate with him so boldly? What's more, the price was so high!

"Huh!" Jonson sneered, "How could it be easy for you to get in and out of the gate of the Yan Family? !"

In the past, the Yan Family respected the Xu Family! This woman left regardless of the face of the Yan Family, which made the Yan Family be involved in public opinion and made his son almost lose his life. How could he accept her again?

"Uncle Jonson! Why did I leave the Yan Family? It's all Edward's fault. I can't accept my husband chea

n operation. He will be out soon! " Hilda made up a lie to calm her down.

Anna was trembling all over. When she saw Angela, she was furious. Without saying a word, she wanted to slap on Angela's face.

Holding the child in his arms, Edward didn't have time to stop her. When he saw his mother wanted to slap Angela, he could only stand between the two with his back to his mother. His mother slapped hard on his arm.

"You are such a jinx! You almost killed my son, and now do you also want Edward to lose his father? !" Anna was out of control and really wanted to kill Angela! And because of Edward stopping her, she even hated her son this time. "What medicine did this woman give you?! Do you want her to kill all the members of the Yan Family? !"

This had something to do with Angela. Besides, Jonson was still in danger. She didn't dare to make a sound, nor did she dare to contradict Anna.

At first, Edward wanted to say that it was none of her business. But when he saw his mother, who always paid attention to her image, run out in household shoes, with her hair in a mess and her body trembling at the moment, he dared not say anything more.

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