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   Chapter 281 Something Happened To Edward

Press Me To Your Heart By Wu Shixian Characters: 6690

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There was a crystal tear in the corner of Harriet's eyes, which carried his regret, guilt, heartache, and compromise.

He smiled, but didn't let it fall. This smile was like that he could meet her again only in the next life.

Suddenly, he pinched her cheek and said, "Angela, I'll wait for you at the door. Remember your math homework!"

She was stunned, and the scene of that time suddenly broke into her mind.

She was just woken up by the bell after class. When she raised her head from the table, he had already stood in front of her with his schoolbag on his back. He pinched her cheek that seemed to be able to be squeezed out of water. He smiled and said gently, "I'll wait for you at the door. Remember your math homework!"

The white school uniform, the handsome young man, the picture freeze frame.

She burst into tears and smiled, "Okay! The last problem is actually very difficult, and I don't know how to solve it either. But I know you will. You can teach me then! "

"Okay..." He looked at her and stared at her. He wanted to imprint her in his mind and bones and never wanted to forget her for the rest of his life. He didn't know how long they had been staring at each other. When he came to his senses, he got on the car and said, "I'll ask Lesley to pick you up later!"

He was afraid that she would be embarrassed.


Looking at the leaving car, Angela felt a little lonely.

The feel liked that the thing that seemed to have been lost for a long time was finally found. It was just lost and found, but there was such a superfluous emotion. But the next second, she felt that this thing was so precious. It was perfect to put it in a precious box and let time make it dust.

Angela took a deep breath to calm herself down and walked towards the exit of the basement.

Her phone rang. It was from Lesley.

"Where are you, Angela?"

"What's wrong?"

"Sorry... I was just worried about you, so I didn't tell you... "

"What is supposed to come wil

ley held her hand and explained nervously, "Something happened to Edward. Come with us quickly!"

"Edward? What happened? "

At this time, Aaron had also run over. His face was in a hurry. "He left angrily as soon as he saw you accept Harriet's proposal. Then I received his message."

Aaron showed her the message.

Maybe I'm redundant, always! Maybe it would be better without me ——

She could feel his despair through the screen.

"He has never been like this. I called him, but he didn't answer. I am really worried about him, so I come to you."

Judging from the anxious look on Aaron's face, he didn't seem to be lying. Edward was a man of few words. How desperate would he be if he said something like that?

Angela felt nervous and flustered, but she stopped as soon as she took a step forward.

Seeing her hesitation, Lesley persuaded, "Although he is a scumbag, he is always the father of Edie."

Both of them knew that Angela cared about Edward.

Angela grasped the bag belt more and more tightly.

Aaron called Edward again, but he still didn't answer.

"He had survived three years ago. I really couldn't let anything happen to him again! "Aaron is going crazy. He dragged Angela away directly.

Angela was put into the car, followed by Lesley. At this time, she saw Angela trembling all over.

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