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   Chapter 274 If You Leave, I Can't Sleep Well

Press Me To Your Heart By Wu Shixian Characters: 4181

Updated: 2020-07-17 00:13

Angela pushed his waist with her feet, but he didn't move at all.

A man who was about to get married again always went to his ex-wife's bed. What a weirdo Edward was! And did that Selina know that her future husband was such a bastard? She was speechless...

She couldn't drive him away or avoid him.

In view of his previous rudeness, Angela had already asked for a new room and changed the lock. Only she had the key. She got out of bed, held the pillow and was about to leave, but she couldn't help glancing at him.

The towel on Edward's pillow had already been wet. Angela remembered that he said drying his hair would wake her up, so she stopped at the door.

Damn it...

Angela felt very angry, because she didn't know what she was worried about. She shouldn't have worried about him. Even if he didn't care about his health, Miss Fang should care about him from now on. However, she couldn't help but come over, threw the pillow on the bed, and went to the bathroom to get a dry towel.

The towel fell directly on his face. It had been a few days since Edward couldn't fell asleep. When he was about to fall asleep, his face was suddenly hit by something. He had to open his eyes and take the towel off his face.

Angela's angry

er leave.

"I can't sleep well if you leave." He closed his eyes and moved towards her neck.

God knew how much he missed her during the half month he left. He wanted to come back to see her as soon as possible. He was afraid that she would be intimate with others again when he was not at home. Since she moved in, he had always asked the security guards at home to be on guard against Harriet. Although no man had come during this period of time. But since she began to work. Who knew if there was a man chasing her when she went to work?

He quickened the process to finish the shooting and came back overnight. He was relieved to see her staying at home instead of staying overnight.

If you leave, I can't sleep well. ——

Angela was stunned.

Edward was not a sweet talker. His words hit softness part in her heart.

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