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   Chapter 272 I Won't Let It Go

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Thirty-five minutes later, Angela had breakfast with Eden. As soon as Lucy saw Edward coming over, she filled his bowl with porridge.

"Hello, uncle!" Eden suddenly raised his head and greeted when he saw Edward.

In the past, she had taught Eden to call Harriet uncle, but it took a long time before he was willing to call him uncle. Yet she didn't teach him to call Edward uncle? Why was he so polite?

However, when Edward heard Eden call him uncle, he frowned and took a glance at Angela. The latter understood what he meant and said, "Why are you looking at me? I didn't teach him!"

He thought that perhaps Angela was unwilling to admit him, so she asked Eden to call him uncle.

Angela didn't like him, but he was not a narrow-minded person. Although he felt helpless, he still walked over and sat down next to Eden. Then he carefully held his shoulder and said, "I'm your father, not your uncle."

Eden took a look at his mother and found that she just lowered her head to eat porridge. So he didn't talk to Edward anymore and ate porridge as his mother did.

This brat...

Seeing that he didn't have the intention to call him father, Edward took a deep breath.

He stood up again, walked to Angela and sat down, and said, "you have to let him know who his father is."

Edward always came here to disturb her. She couldn't drive him away or avoid him. Yesterday, he even wanted to have sex with her! She really wanted to kill him.

"Maybe he will call someone dad."

She said without raising her head. Hearing this, Edward frowned more tightly and held her wrist subconsciously. "He is my son. Why do you always want him to call someone else dad?"

Being gripped by him, the porridge in her bowl was spilled out.

"Daria is still my daughter! Didn't you ask her to call someone else mom? Besides, if I marry someone else in the future, isn't it normal for Eden to call him father?"

It was enough for Eden not to call him father. Now she even

den's struggle and forcefully took the child from her hand. "Loving mother more defeated son. How can he achieve great success in the future if you indulge him like this?"


Was this called connivance?

On the other side, Eden was crying in his arms. Edward handed the crying baby to Lucy and said, "take care of him first."

"Eden..." Angela wanted to run to him, but was pulled upstairs by Edward.

When she was forcefully taken to the room and locked inside the room, she was a little flustered. "Edward! Let me go down first! Eden couldn't cry! You saw him last time. He can't cry!"

"He is a boy. You can't spoil him like this! You haven't finished your dinner yet, but he is going to make trouble. How can he learn to respect others in the future?"

"You will also say that he is still a child! Besides I'm already full! Okay? I'm full!" The constant cries of Eden tore her heart apart. At the thought that he might be suffocated by tears, she wished she could run out right away.

But when she was about to touch the handle, she was pulled back by him.

"Edward!" Tears welled up in her eyes and she roared, "are we an eyesore to you for living in the world? I can't have Daria beside me now. Why don't you let go of Eden? If anything happens to him, I won't let you go. I won't!"

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