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   Chapter 271 The Scar On His Forehead

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Angela didn't know how long she had cried and fell asleep. When she woke up again, it was the next morning. For the whole night, he held her tightly.

When she woke up, she raised her head and looked at him. Seeing that he was asleep, she looked him up and down secretly.

Edward's skin was still as white as paper, and his long eyelashes fell down like a feather fan on it. If it weren't for his angular and heroic temperament, he would be more beautiful than a woman! Her sleeping face was as charming as it was three years ago.


Suddenly, she saw a scar on his forehead. It was very shallow. If it was not covered by his hair at such a short distance, it would not be found.

She remembered that he had never had such a scar before! She couldn't help moving closer to see if it was a scar. Or was it because she was dazzled?

Although her movements were very light, he suddenly opened his eyes when she looked into his eyes. The moment Angela saw the scar clearly, she was shocked by his sudden opening eyes.

Seeing her retreat in panic, he subconsciously held her waist to keep her not away from him.

"What are you looking at?" He raised the corners of his mouth gently and his tone was as soft as the morning sunshine.

Her heart skipped a beat and she was in a mess.

"There seems to be something on your forehead."

With a hint of sadness in his eyes, Edward looked at her seriously and asked, "do you think it's ugly?"

Angela liked beautiful things. From the delicate things she bought to decorate the room, he knew that she liked perfect things.

Ugly? In other words, there was really a scar on his forehead?

But how could he have scars?


How could it be ugly? He was still so handsome! The scar went from the hair line to the eyebrows. It must be very painful when it was hurt, wasn't it? He must have lost a lot of blood!

She was so nervous that she wanted to ask why there was a scar? Suddenly thinking of their relationship at the moment, she swallowed back her words.

A complicated expression flashed across her face, and finally turned cold. Then she pushed him away and got up from the bed.

Yes... ——

Hearing what she said, his heart was stabbed. But there was obvious hesitation in her eyes. What was she hesitating

theory. Angela unexpectedly, she was originally so eloquent, but at the moment she couldn't find anything to say.

Seeing that she was angry and flustered, Edward washed his face and said to her, "don't worry. She won't care if I have women outside."

She was stunned and then realized what he meant. Well, a playboy like Edward should find someone who didn't care whether he had an affair or not. However, how could there's woman didn't care whether her husband had an affair or not?

She sneered, "how could it be possible!"

Besides, even if Paula... Hmm... It's Selina. Even if Selina didn't care, she did! She doesn't want to have so such a blur relation with a man. What's more, he said he had an affair? So, did he think she was the kind of woman who raised by him? Did he insulted her on purpose?

After washing up, Edward looked at her and said, "I want to go to the bathroom. Are you sure you want to stand here and watch?"

Angela was stunned. Before she left, she asked, "are you out of your mind? If Selina doesn't care about you, why do you marry her? Besides, just wait and see! If she finds out that you keep so many women outside, your life will be in turmoil!"

Angela snorted. When she was about to go out, he suddenly grabbed her arm and said seriously, "if you don't want Eden to be taken back to the Yan Family, you'd better not do anything stupid!"

"I'm not stupid!" She smiled, though still with anger in her eyes.

Isn't there a saying called "killing someone with a borrowed knife"?

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