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   Chapter 269 Then Who Is Suitable To Sleep With You

Press Me To Your Heart By Wu Shixian Characters: 8180

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"Have you ever thought about how you will live after you divorce? What does it matter to a man? It's easy to find another woman as long as he has money, but what about you? How can you get married again with a child? You... " Darcy was both crying and scolding Angela. She couldn't breathe all of a sudden.

"Mom! Calm down! You have a heart problem!" Shawn helped his mother to sit down.

They looked at Angela again, only to find that she kept her head down and her face was already wet.

Without arguing or refuting, she just silently shed tears. Suddenly, Darcy felt sorry for her daughter. She threw the umbrella in her hand and held her daughter in her arms, "Why are you so silly? You are a woman. What should you do in the future..."

"Mom..." Angela held her mother and suddenly burst into tears.

At eight o'clock in the evening, she was worrying about Eden, so she didn't stay in the Xu Family. Barry sent her home and watched her enter the house before he drove away.

Seeing her come back, Lucy immediately walked up to her. Angela asked, "is the child asleep?"

"Yes! He already fell asleep." Seeing Angela's eyes red and swollen, Lucy asked, "have you had dinner? Do you need me to heat the food?"

"Did he cry today?"

"No, he just asked when mom would come back several times. But he didn't cry."

"Oh..." She lowered her eyebrows thoughtfully. After a while, she raised her head and said, "aunt Lucy, help me take the medicine box to my room."


"Thank you!" She went upstairs. Seeing that she was in a bad mood, Lucy didn't ask more and hurried to get the medicine box. She just took it out and was about to go upstairs when the door opened. It was Edward.

Nearly a month had passed, and he suddenly came back. Lucy hurriedly turned around and greeted him, "Mr. Edward, you're back?"

"Okay!" He caught a glimpse of the medicine box in her hand and asked, "what's wrong with this medicine box?"

"Angela just came back and asked me to bring it up."

"Did she get hurt?" His heart skipped a beat.

Lucy shook her head and said, "she just came back and didn't say anything more. When I was about to go upstairs to have a look, you came back."

"Let me do it!" He took the medicine box from Lucy and quickened his pace upstairs.

In the room upstairs, Angela sat on a chair and lifted up her dress. From the mirror, she saw that the back of her thigh was pricked and the blood had solidified

ke nothing had happened. She lifted her dress with one hand and poured the disinfectant into the wound with the other. When the disinfectant water flowed on the wound, she heard a squeak. The pain made her face pale and her forehead sweating.

After taking a shower, she felt very tired, but she still held her body to see Eden. She went back to her room after seeing that he was asleep.

She had thought that she wouldn't be able to fall asleep, but she didn't expect that she would fall asleep as soon as she lay down. After a long time, she felt someone touching her and suddenly woke up. In the darkness, there was indeed someone holding her from behind.

She turned on the light and saw Edward lying there. The dazzling light made him squint.

Angela couldn't understand him. They had divorced and he was going to marry the daughter of the Fang Family. Why did he come to her? Sleep on the same bed with her? Not to mention that this behavior did not respect her, wasn't he afraid that Selina would be angry?

But she was too tired to argue with him today. So she got out of bed with her pillow and planned to sleep with Eden. Suddenly, her wrist was grabbed. He stared at her and asked, "where are you going?"

Where are I going? He was pretending stupid, it was really... It was really speechless!

"Edward, you are such a weirdo! I don't know what you are thinking! Do you think our current relationship is suitable for sleeping on the same bed?" She really didn't like her mean tone, but she was so angry that she almost wanted to stab him.

"Why not? If I don't fit Then who is suitable to sleep with you?"

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