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   Chapter 266 He Disappeared Years Ago

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But who could she blame? It was she who hid it from her family and said that she just went there to study, but her family really didn't doubt it at all. Even if she hadn't come back for so many years, they still believed that she was just too concentrated on her studies.

It was all her fault. She had disguised herself too well!

"I divorced him..." She closed her eyes and burst into tears.

"What?! ! !" Shawn was shocked.

"Three years ago, I signed the divorce agreement before I went to the H City, but he didn't sign it."

"So... Did you divorce him three years ago?" She couldn't believe it. "How could that be possible? He never mentioned it. Except for that time, he went to visit their parents occasionally..."

Suddenly, something occurred to her and she murmured, "no wonder... I have met his mother once and have a strange feeling!"

Angela didn't hear her last sentence and asked, "you mean 'except for that period of time'?"

"Uh..." She hesitated for a moment and said, "there was a time, nearly a year. The year after you left and before Eden was not born! He seems to have gone somewhere and no one could get in touch with him. The news said that he went abroad to study!"

"News?" Angela was even more surprised, "on the news?"

"Who is your husband? It's normal to be on the news! After all, the DC Capital Group was a big company, which had a direct impact on the economy of the S City! The news said that another person would be the CEO of the DC Capital Group for the time being. I forgot who it was. But the news said that he had gone abroad for further study. I was about to ask you, but you seemed to be very busy at that time and hung up my phone. In the past two years, I have been studying while working. There are many things to be handle with, and then I forgot."

Every time her family asked about Edward on the phone, she either perfunctory, or avoid talking, or even lie. As for lying... She didn't know at all that when Darcy mentioned that Edward was on a business trip to England, he was stunned and then covered up for her, "yes, I was planned to go, but changed the time. I won't go until the day after tomorrow."

t right. Both her parents wanted Selina to marry her brother, but she knew that her brother couldn't let go of Angela, and he would never let her go for the rest of his life! The elders of the Yan Family didn't need love, and now even her brother was like this!

Over the years, Hilda had been trying hard to become outstanding and live a good life without anyone else. She just didn't want to be raised at home like her mother and become an accessory. She thought the fate of the Yan Family would be ended because of her and her brother. However, her brother gave up. He actually gave up!

She was resentful, but she restrained herself in that way. "So you want to marry a woman and let that woman repeat the life of mother, and you will also repeat the life of father, right?"

Tears welled up in Hilda's eyes, but they didn't drown her stubbornness.

Hearing that, Edward was stunned. For a moment, his throat was blocked and his heart was blocked.

Why, they tried so hard to change their fate, but they still couldn't escape the so-called fate? She didn't like her brother like this, because he seemed to let her see herself in the future. She had no choice but to yield to reality and compromise to fate...

Feeling very uncomfortable, she turned around and left.

Looking at the closed door, Edward's eyes were red, but he didn't let his tears fall. After a long time, he focused his eyes on the wedding photo of him and Angela.

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