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   Chapter 264 His Silent Sacrifice

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The hot summer was only suitable for enjoy summer vacation at home, but she caught a heavy rain and had a cold for nearly ten days. In the past ten days, although she was in a panic, she had never seen Edward again.

The new semester would begin in a week. Looking at the early educational teacher giving lessons to Eden, she felt inexplicably relieved.

Before that, she had been worried about who would take care of Eden if she went to work? She could only afford a few thousand dollars to hire a nanny, which was not good for her child's education. But now she didn't need to worry about it anymore.

Bree was a senior early educational teacher, Eden mastered a large amount of vocabularies with this kind of one-to-one teaching and revision at night. Even she had to admit Bree's professional level!

If Eden still couldn't end up grow up beside her, at least when it came to education, the Yan Family would offer him better than her!


Although she had recovered from the cold, she still had a little cough. She was afraid of disturbing Eden's class. Seeing Lucy watching aside, she went back to her room.

When she returned to her room, her phone was vibrating on the table.

"Hello? Ahem... "

"Angela! Your second brother-in-law has woken up! Your second brother-in-law has woken up!" Darcy was so happy that she even ignored her cough, she was moved and excited that Angela even heard her sob.

Although Alexander was a scum, he was after all her sister's husband. Such bad things happened not long after her sister gave birth to the baby. In the following days, she not only had to take care of the baby, but also had to take care of her second brother-in-law who was in a coma. The doctor once said that it was uncertain whether Alexander could wake up or not. Three years later, it was really a lucky thing for him to wake up, and her second elder sister would finally relief.

Hearing the good news, Angela couldn't help but feel happy for her sister. She packed up in a hurry and took Eden to the hospital.

In the hospital, the Xu Family and the Liu Family had arrived. They were talking with each other in the ward with tears and smiles on their faces. Ella cried freely in Alexander's arms.

"Silly girl..." Alex


But those women were all related to him, weren't they?

She suddenly didn't know what he was thinking?

"Hello? Hello? !" Shawn called her several times and knocked her shoulder again. Then she came to her senses.

"Okay!" She smiled and looked a little pale. "He didn't mention these things to me."

"Maybe he doesn't want you to worry too much!" Shawn replied, "but... Why does Iris want to hurt Alexander?"

At the mention of this topic, everyone became heavy and silent, and even a little creepy.

"Did you offend anyone?" Angela asked.

"It was just an accident between me and her. But..." He glanced at Ella and decided to confess, "I'm too naive. She gave me several big orders, and then made such a request. I was eager for quick success and instant benefit, so... Then..."

"It's all passed! Stop it!" Ella didn't want to hear anything about that woman!

"No!" Shawn said, "Alexander, do you remember the information about Iris that Edward gave me? Her parents have divorced and they have formed a new family. Iris's rich and beautiful identity is fake!"

"Before we hit the truck, she seemed to say to me... Say sorry..." At that time, Alexander had a chat with her, generally persuading her to have an abortion, because he didn't want to divorce Ella. Iris said indifferently, "it's unnecessary."

After that, she said something strange. Now when he recalled, it was more like a confession before death. When she was turning the steering wheel, Iris said "I'm sorry".

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