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   Chapter 261 What About Last Night

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Edward didn't know why, he hated her so much, but when he saw her lying there quietly, his eyes couldn't leave from her, as if all the bad emotions had disappeared.

She always frowned when she was sleeping. Her face was still white and smooth, with soft lines. He had seen many beautiful faces before. It seemed that only her beauty had a magical effect that could always calm his anxiety.

Angela was sleeping soundly, but she suddenly turned over and put her hand on his waist. The next moment, she held him and moved into his arms.

He was stunned there and just lowered his head and glanced at her. Her hand suddenly reached into his collar, making him stiff. Her cold hand slid on his back and lit up the fire in his body little by little.

After more than ten minutes, she finally stopped. When he thought she would stop, she put her hand on his shoulder and moved upward.

Edward's hand froze on her waist again.

Angela, do you know what are you doing? To test his restraint? Forget it... He held the fire in his body and sighed.

Just as he raised his chin a little and didn't look at her, a pair of wet and hot lips gently wiped his neck.

He couldn't control his enthusiasm even think about it at the moment...

Edward recovered from the memory and looked at her up and down. She was wearing a pair of short sleeve and long pants pajamas today. According to her suspicious character, she must want to wear "safe" today since she worn the nightdress yesterday.

However, her exposed neck and slender arms were like a hungry wolf seeing a lamb to him!

When Angela saw the truth, she was on the verge of breaking down. Her face was burning. She didn't expect herself to be so coquettish when she was unconscious It was so embarrassing...

However, she would never admit that she did it! Besides, whether she did it first or not, it was a bad intention for him to bring her here and sleep with her! So... Could she be... Drugged?

She threw her phone on the bed and sneered, "do you think I don't know what you have done?"

As she spoke, she glance

me, why don't you come back?"

As long as the reason she told him was not for other men, he would forgive her, even if she was lying to him.

Angela was startled by his stare. She tried to get rid of his hand, but he held it tightly. She knew that he was stubborn, so she didn't struggle. She just said lightly, "I can't find a reason to come back."

She couldn't find a reason to come back? He... Isn't he enough? Sure enough, it was because he thought too much and expected too much that he kept finding excuses for her and cheating himself that she still had him in her heart.

The calmer she spoke, the more hurtful her words were.

He was stunned and loosened his hand. Then he lowered his head to cover the pain in his eyes. After a while, he raised his head and asked, "what about last night?"

Last night, when she hugged him and kissed him, who was she actually thinking about?

"I don't know!" She didn't want to admit her feelings for him, nor did she want to mention what happened last night. "I fall asleep! Maybe I thought it was a dream."

Dream? Then who was in her dream? Harriet?

"Ha-ha..." He sneered and was once again disturbed by anger, turning his anger into hurtful words. "So... Is this how you solve your physiological problems in the past three years?"

So... Is this how you solve your physiological problems in the past three years? ——

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