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   Chapter 257 You Win! Edward!

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He believed that there was nothing she couldn't do with such a strong character.

He loosened his grip, turned around and looked at her leaving figure. When her hand was on his hand, he sneered, "ah! Do you think that Harriet won't mind if you go back like this? Look at the marks on your body. Do you think he will forgive you when he sees these marks?"

Her whole body froze, and her heart seemed to be stabbed by a knife, blood overflowing. She trembled and withdrew her hands. She clenched her fists tightly, but no matter how hard she tried to adjust her emotions, she couldn't keep calm.

Seeing her stop, he felt a little happy. The next second, she turned around and walked towards him.

He wondered if she had thought it through. Just then, she walked up to him and slapped him directly.

Her hands kept shaking and could only be clenched into fists on the side.

"Edward, do you know what you are talking about?"

He had always been a man who could be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force. He had treated her violently of his own desires, and even threatened her with her child. Why did he become like this?

In the past more than 30 years, he had never lacked or couldn't obtained anything. But why couldn't he get her heart? He had given her everything the other women wanted, including money, status, tenderness. But why did she still want to be with that man?

"I know!" He answered coldly, without avoiding her gaze.


Ha-ha... Yes!

So, this was not his words out of anger, but his inner thoughts!

Angela continued to exert more strength to her hands holding the luggage bag until it was not enough to restrain and vent her anger. Then she directly threw the luggage at him.

"You win! Edward!" She said to him angrily and left the room.

Edward's face was hit by the luggage bag. The metal zipper left a small mark on the tip of his nose, which was full of blood. It was not until he held the luggage bag that he felt a sting in his nose.

She was afraid that Harriet would find out what happened last night, so she was so angry...

Why would this scene would happen to them? Can't they really go back to the past?

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, tears

.. Apart from his grandma, who else could make him headache?

He looked at him in confusion and said, "three years ago, I failed to control myself and let her get pregnant. If my grandma knows this, she will force me to marry her."

"! ! !" From confuse to shock, Edward asked, "how can you sure that the baby is yours?"

"I doubted too, but 80% are mine. Time is right. Lesley had a paternity test three years ago." "She said that if I didn't ask her to look for little pepper and let her take care of her, she would ask my mother to ask me to be responsible for her." Aaron rubbed his forehead with annoyance.

"Is she so sure that the Chen Family will accept her?"

"I scared her too! And he also said that he wouldn't marry her as long as he had the custody of the child. But... Guess what she said."

Angela was determined to defend the custody of Eden, but if Lesley was also afraid of losing her child, then Aaron wouldn't be so scared that he didn't dare to look for her again!

Looking at his curious eyes, Aaron sighed and said, "she said she didn't want to marry me. If I could take the child away, she would thank me very much..."

Yesterday, Edward heard from the phone that Lesley wanted to accompany Angela. He was afraid that Lesley would disturb his plan, so he asked Aaron to stop her. As his uncle, Aaron is very qualified and waited at her door in the afternoon.

Lesley was surprised to see him.

"Long time no see!" He smiled like a gentleman.

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